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Japanese Top League - Now showing on Stan!

Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
"Japanese passport holders who haven't played for another country don't fall under any of these restrictions, however, which has led to teams fielding as many as 11 foreigners at any time."

is this all the poached island boys given free ride high school and uni scholarships and then fast-tracked to citizenship? God only knows whats going to happen to those poor kids when they get spat out the other end of the system..... Japan Inc aint exactly a cuddly benevolent caring nanny state.....

didnt think the j-govt would dish out japanese passports to the riki flutey types too easily.....

Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)

All 25 teams going at it in this final year before the new comp kicks off in 2022

Jan 16th, just 6 weeks away.

Each year the level gets a bit better but by now, with all the cashed-up gaijin mercenaries and pacific island "scholarship" poaches, I reckon the level could be close to soup rugby.

Damn, $$ talks though.....

eg Kobelco

4 Retallick
10 Aaron Cruden/Hayden Parker
12 Richard Buckman
13 Timothy Lafaele
15 Ben Smith

Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
Toyota Verblitz ffs the loosies, if the #8 was still in his prime this trio wouldve been hell on toast

4 Michael Allardice

6 Himeno
7 Michael Hooper
8 Kieran Read

9 Kaito
10 Tiann Falcon/Lionel Cronje
12 Rob Thompson
13 Male Sau
15 Willie le Roux

NTT Shining Arcs

2 Anaru Rangi
5 Jimmy Tupou

7 Liam Gill
8 Mafi LOL how is this guy not in prison

9 Gregg Laidlaw
10 Leiliifano
15 Yamada

Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
Toshiba Brave Lupus

7 Matt Todd
8 Michael Leitch

10 Tom Taylor (fahhk there's some names that pop up you're like "oh yeah, that dude.....")
12 Tim Bateman
12 Johnny Fauuli (jeez that boofheady Chiefs guy)
13 Seta Tamanivalu (man, this guy? FFS I had completely forgotten about this dude. he was an All Black and then suddenly he wasnt and he was gone. Turns out he debuted in the same test as Ardie ffsswft

Ricoh Black Rams

2 Ben Funnell
6 Michael Broadhurst
7 Elliot Dixon Balls
8 Colin Bourke (this dude must be 50-years old by now)

9 Matt Lucas
10 Matt Mcgahan

14 Joe Tomane

UM. WFT dude. It's
not American Idol.

15 Robbie Robinson

Kubota Spears

2 Malcolm Marx
4 Ruan Botha
7 Lapuschagne

10 Bernard Foley
13 Ryan Crotty
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Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
NTT Docomo

4 Vermaak
5 Erasmus
7 Wimpie van der Walt (these 3 bok guys in their prime are too fucken young to be turning up in Japan.....)

9 Flapanaaaaaraaaaa LOL
10 Marty Banks
11 Mapimpi

Mitsubishi Dyna-Boars (wft)

6 Jackson Hemopo
8 Bedwell-Curtis

10 Colin Slade ffs
11 Matt Vaega
13 Michael Little

Hino Red Dolphins

1 Pauliasu Manu srsly wft is this dude doing here
4 Liaki Moli The Wild Man of Borneo
8 Nili Latu

9 Gus Pulu
10 Jack Debraseenmeinmegruds
15 Gillies Kaka
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Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
My 5 sports channels have 4 Top League matches kicking off today simultaneously at 2pm. FFS. It's either feast or famine.

Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
Bit sad seeing Read creaking around in his dotage. Shadow of a shadow of the player he was even in 2019.

Tamanivalu still very handy.


Billy Sheehan (19)
yeah saw read puffing a lot, shame figured he looked younger this year but still a bit unfit, Seta is very handy , if the olympic loophole is still in play, i have spoken with him to come play for the fiji 7's side.. and then the fiji 15's team.. still 28,