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John I Dent 2015

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Ted Thorn (20)
The refereeing was pretty average. A number of forward passes let go, that led to one try. And a pretty serious head high tackle that saw a Vikings player taken off. Vikings had to run a number of very young players and second grade players due to injury, with their usual team they'd have creamed the Sydney Uni team without a doubt.

Ian Smith was appointed to the 1st grade game. Perhaps sour grapes with the result. The Vikings have had the rub of the green in Canberra for as long as i can remember.

Also "with their usual team they'd have creamed the Sydney Uni team without a doubt". Come on mate... I highly doubt that Sydney
Uni had their usual team either! Remember rugby talent extends past the council boundary of the valley champ!!!


Billy Sheehan (19)
While the topic of money has been brought up, I have heard pretty strong whispers of Gunghalin and Uni Norths throwing the cash around this season.


Allen Oxlade (6)
Whats goin on with the grounds? Why are there games at a school this weekend?
Which Brumbys are playin where?

Government grounds close for 2 weeks at the end of March to get ready for the season however since the comp is starting earlier this year the first 2 rounds will be affected.

As for Sokai Tai, rumours are he will be suiting up in all white this year with no blue in sight. I'm sure he has his reasons but will be a shame to see him leave a club that has done so much for him and his family.

Brumbies this week i hear Wests will benefit the most with Mogg Fotu and Sean Doyle all suiting up.

Beer on the hill

Ward Prentice (10)
Geez thats a huge coup for the men in white. This weekend will be fascinating. I am expecting a huge game from the blue bags on saturday, i think their time has arrived to impose themselves on act rugby. They have a chance to build momentum come saturday. Wests with those 3 stars should present a huge challenge. Moggy will be well up for it. My tips for the weekend
royals (in a points bonanza)
uni (in a tight one)
Qbn (by a try or two)

Brumby Jack

Steve Williams (59)
Staff member
Brumbies allocations:

Vikings -Sio, Lealiifano, Butler, Ah Wong, Iona
Whites - White, Coleman, Kuridrani, Makin
Uni-Norths - Alexander, Tomane, Pocock, Ala'alatoa, Dowsett
Gungahlin -Speight, Mann-Rea, Arnold, Dargaville
Wests - Auelua, Mogg, Fardy, Doyle
Royals - Carter, To'omua, Siliva, Staniforth, Taliauli
Easts - R Smith, JP Smith, Smiler, Moore, Enever

Brumby Jack

Steve Williams (59)
Staff member
Only followed on Twitter..

Wests 10 beat Royals 0. Wests played with 14 for the last 20 or so from what I gather.

Other scores:
Uni-Norths 20 def Easts 5
Queanbeyan 26 def Gungahlin 8


Sydney Middleton (9)
Watched the Wests vs Royals game and Wests completely dominated the scrums. Mogg furthered his aspirations as a future Australian Touch Football representative. The guy just can't tackle. Was interesting to see Wests go to uncontested scums after the red card, and then to be found to have a replaced front rower on the bench. Royals apparently were missing several 1st grade players, and we're never in the game, but their defense kept the score down.

Beer on the hill

Ward Prentice (10)
Wasn't able to get to the game. Strange the Blue Baggers scrum struggled, normally a strength!!! Uncontested? What is going on there? Which first graders were missing ? Did the Lions have a full compliment of players?
Any reports from qbn or easts games?


Sydney Middleton (9)
Royals were missing their Canadian import prop who was playing for Canada. Pedro was injured in the 7's. Played an 18 year old halfback who was pretty impressive. Word was at least 5 walk on players out injured or unavailable. Wests tried to pull a shifty one once their prop got red carded for putting one on Staniforths chin (mind you to Tom's credit didn't even get marked up), they had replaced a prop in the first half and then tried to say they couldn't contest. After it was brought to the refs attention the matter was sorted.

Scrum is a huge issue at the moment, Wests killed the blue baggers in that facet in 1sts and 2nds. Colt however smashed Wests and looked like they will make sure Queanbeyan and Vikings don't have it all their way this year.

Word is Easts won't field a 4ths, Darra struggling for numbers in the same div. Will be no fun playing in a 5 team 4ths comp. also heard Easts struggling for colts. Something has to be done before they completely disappear.
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