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John I. Dent Cup 2016 - ACT Premier Rugby

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Phil Hardcastle (33)
Jordan Jackson-Hope called up to the Brumbies bench this weekend with Coleman out injured...


Good on him! I honestly haven't really seen him play much - think I saw him play in a Vikings Trial but thats it - guessing when he is not in the Brumbies 23 he will be in the starting side for Vikings at 10/12? I am sure I saw him lineup in the Colts side - which is a nice addition to a colts team haha

Looks like Les Makin will be starting for the Whites again this weekend - unless he is injured.

Also good to see Colby Fainga'a back in the starting lineup for the Rebels.

Heard a rumor Saia Fainga'a was coming back to the Brumbies next year....now he will be more likely behind Ready (spelling) and Moore who is moving to Qld next year.


Darby Loudon (17)
Heard a rumor Saia Fainga'a was coming back to the Brumbies next year..now he will be more likely behind Ready (spelling) and Moore who is moving to Qld next year.

Do we get the twin package? Surely there are better, younger rakes out there that the Brumbies could develop and look to the future with.


Darby Loudon (17)
I would personally persevere with Mann-Rea and Abel.....

Same, JMR is getting long in the tooth though.

Unless it is family Saia is looking to come back for, then you'd think he could command some semi-decent $$ overseas, maybe that boat has sailed for him.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Do we get the twin package? Surely there are better, younger rakes out there that the Brumbies could develop and look to the future with.

Haven't heard anything about Anthony - would be interesting if they both came back - I think the Fainga'a brothers are all good players but I just don't think they would be a good investment for the Brumbies - unfortunately.

Mann-Rea is basically done I think - Abel is a good option - but again he is 28 - so how much investment will the Brumbies really put into him besides a good backup option.

Anyone know how Connell McInerney is going at Royals now?


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Mann-Rea has been solid this year... a good player to have start while we develop the likes of Abel.

Yea mate - maybe another 2 seasons I reckon - if he was smart I'd be looking at a Top14/ProD2 contract in France aswell - could make enough money so he doesn't need to go back to the mines.


Frank Row (1)
Predictions for today:

Vikings to make was work of Easts (plus 30) in what should be a very easy day at the office. Make no mistake Easts will do their best, but unfortunately, they're best just isn't good enough against a strong, consistent side like the Vikings. I would like to think Easts can put into perspective what is the bigger picture, that being getting to a point over the next 2-3 years, on the back of some solid rebuilding/growth, to be in a position where they can compete with the best in this comp.

Queanbeyan to edge out Royals (less than 10) in a close contest that may reveal which side is a true contender to knock off Vikings when it comes to the GF. Both have strong packs, solid defence and consistent shape/plays. It should make for a top game of rugby, but I think the Whites have proven that their pack is the best in the business and because of this, will become critical in getting the momentum and dominance over a strong Royals side.

Wests to finally get their first win over the Owls (less than 10) in what will probably be the most determined effort from the flagging Wests' side. Both sides have their season on the line in this game and both will come out firing to see who stays in the race for this year and who better start focusing on 2017. As they haven't won a game yet, I think Wests will turn up with a more physically dominant game, aiming to get over their younger opponents in an aggressive style of rugby. Owls will do their best, but a more determined Wests side playing at home may just be enough to get their first win this season.


Jim Lenehan (48)
Won't be able to make it to the games today, but Royals-Whites and Wests-Owls both look like cracking matchups.

Easts are always one or two things away from matching the bigger teams, but as soon as they fix one, they lose another. Vikings are Vikings. Vikings by twenty-five.

Queanbeyan have been the form team this season, Royals have struggled to win well, but after so many games of looking like losing but not, maybe it's the Royals game plan? Going with my heart, Royals by four.

Wests have been the serial underperformers this season, and when they played Owls earlier this season, they lost despite the superior scrum and lineout. Owls are enjoying themselves, but know that losing this one probably ends any chance of a finals appearance. Owls by six.


Larry Dwyer (12)
34-7 Vikings over Easts
Pretty good game all up with Easts showing a lot of courage and some good skills. Easts actually appeared to be all over the Vikings for the 1st 20 mins and the half finished at 10-7. The next 40 was pretty much all Tuggers but Easts never gave up and committed defence prevented the score from blowing out. The Vikings did however, miss numerous kicks as well as letting a number of 2nds and colts run out towards the end. The forwards appeared fairly evenly matched with the Able Bros heavily involved for Easts. The Vikings backline looked a lot sharper and regularly threatened. Robinson was again good along with Suavai and Giltrap. Was also good to see a couple of young blokes get a run with Easts.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Whites 17 - Royals 6
Whites with another gutsy win - Royals were fantastic and could of gone either way - but again Whites forwards proved the difference and were too good for Royals.

Penca came on in the 2nd half and made a huge difference to the game - if he is fit next round then he needs to start the back-row of Penca/Wells/Noa is the best in the comp hands down.

Hats off to Royals they are looking the goods aswell - either Whites/Royals could get over Vikings again this year and win the comp.



Phil Hardcastle (33)
Around the grounds -

Premier Division

Wests v Uni Norths
1s - Uni Norths 29 Wests 19
2s - Uni Norths 25 Wests 14
Colts - Wests 41 Uni Norths 5

Easts v Tuggeranong
1s - Tuggeranong 34 Easts 7
2s - Tuggeranong 26 Easts 17
Colts - Tuggeranong 83 Easts 0

Queanbeyan v Royals
1s - Queanbeyan 17 Royals 6
2s - Queanbeyan 43 Royals 12
Colts - Royals 24 Queanbeyan 17

First division

Wests v Uni Norths
1s - Uni Norths 36 Wests 5
2s - Wests 52 Uni Norths 0

Cooma v Goulburn
1s - Goulburn 41 Cooma 26
2s - Cooma 31 Goulburn 26

Easts v Tuggeranong
1s - Tuggeranong 29 Easts 14

Queanbeyan v royals
1s - Queanbeyan 24 Royals 14
2s - Queanbeyan 24 Royals 19

Gungahlin v Young
1s - Gungahlin 41 Young 14
2s - Gungahlin 26 Young 10

Women's Division
Tuggeranong 19 drew with Uni Norths 19


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Write up from the Whites website page - http://whitesrugby.com/dominance-worth-more/

Dominance worth more

The Whites completely dominated Royals at Campese Oval yet could not put them away winning 17-6. Royals defended and defended against the tide of attack and held on.

The three-all score line at half time would have pleased Royals but not Queanbeyan coach Adam Fahey.
With the tempo lifted in the second period and the use of the interchange the game gradually became a sure win. Players like flanker Dan Penca, centre Keith Morgan, flanker Tom G. Darmody and prop Chris Barbaro boosted the energy levels on a sun-draining day.
A couple of forward tries and then a penalty resulted in the narrow win. Captain Ryan Jones and flanker Michael Wells were the pick and the backs were well served by centre Lani Tiatia and the reliable greyhound guru Jamie Marmont.
Seconds won 43-12, colts lost 17-24, thirds won 24-14 and fourths won 24-19.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Round 8 - (Already - this season is flying)

Royals V Easts @ Phillip

Uni Norths V Whites @ ANU North

Wests V Eagles @ Jamison

Tuggers - BYE


Billy Sheehan (19)
So who should be in the JID train on component for the ACT Kookaburras in the NRC

The Canberra Times have given us Nick Jones and Vatiliai Tuidraki


Larry Dwyer (12)
Round 8 - (Already - this season is flying)

Royals V Easts @ Phillip

Uni Norths V Whites @ ANU North

Wests V Eagles @ Jamison

Tuggers - BYE

Yep Round 8 already...Thought it might be timely then, to revisit a thread that was running last year re; Colts who had a taste of 1st grade and looked to have some potential.

Trying to get some info on colts who played 1st grade this year and presumably may have a crack at the top grade next year. It could be argued of course, that the colts from Tuggeranong, Queanbeyan and Royals would walk into the top spot at the other clubs.
Any additions.thoughts?

1-Faaleli Sione R
2-Connal McInerey T
3-Tyrel Lomax T
5-Callum Smith T
6-Iosua Tonga T
7- James Kazias T
8- Paragali R
10-J Jackson-Hope T
11-Sam Ross R
12-Keith Morgan Q
13- Sam Giltrap T
15-Jamie Kotz G

16- Suita Tai R
19- Tyron Sullivan Q
21-Harry Burry R
Rugbylink only gives so much info in that it only records statistics from Wests, Gungahlin and Tuggeranong (???). So with this limited info and a poor memory, have attempted a 2016 progress list for lads now playing regular top grade.

2- Connall McInerney (R)
3- Tyrell Lomax (T)
5-Callum Smith (T)
6- Iosua Tonga (T)
7- James Kazias (T)
10-J Jackson-Hope (T)
12- Keith Morgan (Q)
13- Harry Burry (R)
14-Jamie Kotz (G)
15-Sam Giltrap (T)

Be good to get some info from all the clubs, particularly Royals as the 2015 colts were Premiers


Phil Hardcastle (33)
From Qbn - afew stand out players that I have seen this year from Colts -

Hooker - B. Gordon (has played 1st grade)
No.8 - Goodwin-Shaw
Winger/Fullback - J.Wells (has played 1st grade this year) - Very good player

I honestly haven't watched enough Colts this year (about 45 mins) to really judge though. B.Gordon and Wells though have not looked out of place at all playing 1st grade when they have this year.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
I know there was some talk around Saia Fainga'a possibly moving back to the Brumbies on here last week - it is now facebook official -


Will be VERY interesting to see the direction the Brumbies go in next year - will they -

- Simply replace Saia with Moore and he will be the starting 2

- Will Mann-Rea step up and Saia on the bench

- Will Abel step up and Saia go into the back-up role playing Club Rugby most weekends

- Will they contract McInerney OR Tai and see them possibly play/in back up roles and get rid of Mann-Rea and have Abel/Saia in the starting 23 hookers.

Would be great to see him play for Queanbeyan again - will be interesting to see what his brother does aswell - not sure of contract times for A.Fainga'a - looking at the Brumbies current backline and the injuries they have had - could now possibly be a good back-up option if Anthony didn't mind playing club footy for most of the year. . . .
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