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Melbourne Rebels 2024

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John Thornett (49)
Compared to $120 for a Reds cheapest package or $130 for a Waratahs package even with the $10 postage it's still a pretty good deal ... plus the new scarf looks pretty good

We shouldn't have to pay extra just to get our entitlement in the member especially when the merch still has to be sent to aami park to sell at the game. If it wasn't for Lions tickets a membership is not really worth it for the rebels

Proud Pig

Ted Thorn (20)
There are multiple membership levels you can get at the Rebels. I go with a group of people with various financial capabilities so we have the blue membership which is truly dirt cheap. So given that I don't begrudge the club trying to recover some of the costs by charging $10 for delivery.

Members Section

John Thornett (49)
Not great for us but good luck to the kid he is going to a very well oiled machine



Geoff Shaw (53)
Staff member
Peely is a fantastic player and a great leader of Rugby at Kevvies. Comes from a great Rugby family, both heavily involved at Qunins and St Kevins. I hear he's spending a lot of time with Billie, learning more about the dark arts of the back three.

Hope he comes back, but can't begrudge him going into a great system at the Storm.


John Eales (66)
Geez we are shallow in the 2nd row already
don't know if it's normal but so many injrues/niggles. Lukhan, Wilkin, Proctor, Mafi, Pincus.

Think we'll be seeing our depth pretty early on, which I'm not too unhappy about. Lots of good buzz about Maiava in the offseason, G. Vaihu too.


Billy Sheehan (19)
Hope Gordon kicks all year for the Rebels. Only way he’ll get better and more confident which is a good chunk of goal kicking. If he can go at 75% he’ll shut a lot of people up.

These guys need to look at Johnny Wilkinson's training regime. He practised his kicking day and in day out.