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New Zealand Rugby Team Watch


Tim Horan (67)
Dan Carter getting ready for his record attempt . About 1600 about kicks in 24 hours. Was listening to him talking about it the other day, he been doing a lot of work with AB conditioning coach etc to prepare himself, including kicking about 800 in 6 hours.


Tim Horan (67)
After 12 hours DC has kicked 952 goals from 976 attempts. Seems it all going ok, bet leg is getting tired. Looks like a bit of fun going on he heas a break after 40 minutes, and seems that kids etc just been going out there and having a kick too.

waiopehu oldboy

Stirling Mortlock (74)
^ also Foxy & Luke McA last night & apparently Beaver is lined up to hit a few.

AB have taken on Andrew Strawbridge "to help oversee skills development" (sounds like Mick Byrne's old gig but part-time not full) & Mike Cron "to act as an informal mentor" which hopefully translates to giving the tighties a good boot up the arse. Cron also working with the women so also part-time.

Half-page article in the Hurld but it's paywalled so can't link.

waiopehu oldboy

Stirling Mortlock (74)
^ later in the article it says Joe Schmidt is replacing Fox "in an expanded technical coaching role" so maybe he's the new Byrne?

Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)
haha, Fozzie piling on extra coaches to shift the blame.

Let's Review:

Brad Mooar: attack coach, failing, but NZRFU too embarrassed to buy him out again so.....
Joe Schmidt: new shadow attack coach with.....
Andrew Strawbridge: new shadow attack coach.

Greg Feek: scrum coach, failing, and
John Plumtree: forwards coach, failing, so.....
Mike Cron: new shadow scrum coach
Ian Foster: no longer has to "coach" anything. Just point at a few shuttle cones when the cameras are around haha

I think the AB's need to add another 2 extra forwards coaches to make up for the failings of Feek and Plumtree.....


Jim Lenehan (48)
Gonna be going full NFL soon enough.

Forwards coordinator
Tight forwards coordinator
Hooker coach
Prop coach
Lock coach
Loose forwards coordinator
Flanker coach
Eighthman coach
Set-piece coordinator
Scrum coach
Lineout coach

Backs coordinator
Halves coordinator
Halfback coach
First-five coach
Midfield coordinator
Second-five coach
Centre coach
Back three coordinator
Fullback coach
Wing coach

Special teams coordinator
Skills coach
Breakdown coach
Punting coach
Kicking coach
Haka coach

EDIT: Guess formatting with spaces doesn't work :rolleyes:

Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)
I'd really like to see Canes play a midfield of Jordie 12 PUJ 13

It's hard as Jordie was brilliant for the Canes at fullback yesterday but PUJ seems to go better at 13 than 12 and Jordie has voiced that he would be keen to give 12 a go.
With ALB presumably out for a while with bung shoulder the options I7d like to see given a run are:

Jordie and Rieko
Jordie and PUJ
Jordie and Goodhue

RTS (Roger Tuivasa-Sheck)?

Tupaua: turnstile defensively. Offers zero point of difference on attack
Ennor: klutz
Havili: good soup player when surrounded by cantabs............................


Jim Lenehan (48)
Does have a point though. Should simplify midfield selections. Ergo:

12. Ioane the Greater
13. Ioane the Lesser

Who cares if Rieko can't pass at centre. Akira will rack up so many line breaks, offloads or quick ball at 12 that Ioane the Lesser will functionally be a close support winger. Akira solos tight forwards too, so puny backs won't be running through him either.


Trevor Allan (34)
Not convinced that PUJ is a test player, he is pretty hit and miss at times.

It's a weird one isn't it. In 2020 his star was on the rise as he made his AB debut. Ever since then he's stalled.

I'm not sure what he's done but he can hardly get a game for the Canes these days.

If I was him i'd be looking to move franchises - potentially Highlanders who really need a 13.


Tim Horan (67)
Well bit of relief in my house, been a little concerned as Taranaki club rugby starting late this year, because of Covid etc and getting in training. Anyway sitting here reading Rugby News, having a read about Borders club in Whanganui and Voila, they start with a hame game on 23rd April, and as they are just half an hour down road I will start watching a bit of Heartland comp stuff. They called Border as they on they actually in the Naki, and on southern border, include some players form Patea.
Life just got a bit better! God I'm a tragic!


Trevor Allan (34)
The Highlanders will need to go deep into the playoffs if there’s any chance two of their key forwards play again this season.

All Blacks loose forward Shannon Frizell and lock Manaaki Selby-Rickit sustained knee injuries during their team’s 37-17 win over Moana Pasifika last week, and have all but been ruled out for the remainder of their campaign.

The Dunedin-based franchise on Tuesday confirmed the pair would be sidelined for eight weeks following their first win of the season.


Jim Lenehan (48)
In b4 the named RWC squad looks awfully similar to the Auckland Blues Reigning Australia-New Zealand Super Rugby Champion Rugby Union Football team in wigs.

"And here we have our starting front row of Karolina Tu'inukuafa'afafine, Kurtrina Eklady, and Alexandra Hodgwoman."

Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)
Alexandra Hodgwoman