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Non-Wallaby November Internationals

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
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SCO 37 (5 T: Cross, Hogg, Dunbar, Seymour, Cowan; 3 C: Laidlaw (3); 2 PG: Laidlaw (2)) def TON 12 (4 PG: Fosita (4)) [HT SCO 14 - TON 12]

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Romania lead Canada by 6-3 at half time in Bucharest.

ROM 6 (2 PG Vlaicu) lead CAN 3 (PG Pritchard)

Edit: Final Score:

ROM 18 (6PG: Vlaicu (6)) defeated CAN 9 (3 PG: Pritchard(3), McRorie)


Andrew Slack (58)
Wonderful call from Walsh in the Pumas/Cocks game held up. Confident. Didn't need the TMO, didn't waste anyone's time.

13-18 win to the argies, 2 pens and 4 drop goals to a converted try and 2 pens.


George Gregan (70)
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Wasn't sure of where to put this, but a wonderful, insightful interview with Mils Muliaina.

Talks about the difference in training work SH vs NH, back support play and how the ABs a number of years ago went lean and mean with much more skills work whilst the NH teams are still lifting big, creating monsters, well worth a listen.


Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Results Summary NH Spring Internationals*
Week 1
29th October:
Namibia defeated Germany 58-20

1st November:
Bulgaria defeated Turkey 26-19
Malta defeated Croatia 31-26
Cyprus defeated Andorra 30-10
Japan defeated by NZ Maori 21-61
USA defeated by New Zealand 6-74
Switzerland defeated by Czech Republic 14-27

2nd November:
RFU Championship XV defeated Canada 28-23
Hungary defeated by Latvia 14-16

Week 2
7th November:
Canada defeated Namibia 17-13

8th November:
Croatia defeated Israel 31-20
Czech Republic defeated Malta 27-13
Moldova defeated Ukraine 29-15
Japan defeated by NZ Maori 18-20
Hong Kong defeated by Russia 10-31
Georgia defeated by Tonga 9-23
Italy defeated Samoa 24-13
England defeated by New Zealand 24-21
Romania defeated by USA 17-27
France defeated Fiji 40-15
Ireland defeated South Africa 29-15
Scotland defeated Argentina 41-31

Week 3
14th November:
French Barbars defeated Namibia 35-14
Samoa defeated Canada 23-13
Italy defeated by Argentina 20-18 (match brought forward due to weather)

15th November:
Hong Kong defeated by Russia 27-39
Moldova defeated Poland 48-25
Belgium defeated Ukraine 25-10
Latvia defeated Cyprus 39-20 (World record undefeated sequence for Cyprus comes to an end)
Romania defeated by Japan 13-18
England defeated by South Africa 28-31
Wales defeated Fiji 17-13
Tonga defeated USA 40-12
Scotland defeated by New Zealand 16-24

16th November:
Ireland defeated Georgia 49-7

Week 4
21st November:
Fiji defeated USA 20-14

22nd November:
Moldova defeated Sweden 57-8
Italy defeated by South Africa 6-22
Scotland defeated Tonga 37-12
Portugal defeated Namibia 29-20
Romania defeated Canada 18-9
Wales defeated by New Zealand 16-34
England defeated Samoa 28-9
France defeated by Argentina 13-18
Georgia defeated Japan 35-24

Week 5
29th November:
Wales defeated South Africa 12-6
Brazil defeated Paraguay 21-13

*Australian game results not included in keeping with the thread title
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