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Tip the 2018 AAGPS 1st XV Premiers

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Bob McCowan (2)
Congratulations Joeys on the 2nd XV Premiership.
This makes it 59 by my records.
A funny way to the end the game I am hearing with the posts blown over.
There is confusion on what is happening as the 1st XV's cool their heels still in the change rooms.
The teams I belive came out. A collective prayer for the farmers then went back in.
Another rumour is that Joeys old boys doctored the poles last night.oh the fantasy of young minds
Brumbies..any sign of new posts?

Up the Guts

Steve Williams (59)
Not sure the delay is good for Joeys. They have everything to play for and the delay will build the nerves up even further. Much easier for View who are just trying to spoil the party.


Frank Nicholson (4)
Still no play at view and no sign of a new post at 3.55. No way these guys will be able to play a full game given the light situation.


Greg Davis (50)
Big issue will be...what happens if the match is abandoned?
Mid week fixture?
No Fixture?
Who gets the points?