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Tip the 2018 AAGPS 1st XV Premiers

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Jim Belshaw

Bob Loudon (25)
Well said.
I took a team to play against TAS some light years ago and experienced exactly what you say.
In addition, we were hosted in the dining room for a lunch before the game.
i warned my players to look out for excessive hospitality designed to slow us down.
Sure enough, two big meat pies per plate and lashings of mashed potatoes arrived and the boys scoffed it all down, it being a very chilly day and all.
We lost.

We have to even things up somehow!

Jim Belshaw

Bob Loudon (25)
TAS food stalls are magnificent. Country style baking with fresh lamb, beef and the best sausages from Khans Butchery in North Armidale. Have enjoyed the hospitality on many occasions provided by the lovely parent community who welcome their Joeys cousins every two years with plenty of tucker for the lads to enjoy. In addition, there are a number of the Joeys farming community nearby who assist TAS with these days. I recall in 2011 three pig spits going all day. The peach relish made my the Johnson family of Guyra from their own preserves was none like have enjoyed since. Spectacular. More should go.

Joker, you make me very hungry indeed!

Quick Hands

David Wilson (68)
While we wait

Joeys 2nd 19 Riverview 19
Joeys 3rd 7 Riverview 10
Joeys 4th 29 Riverview 5
Joeys 5th 25 Riverview 10
Joeys 6th 24 Riverview 17
Joeys 7th 58 Riverview 0
Joeys 8th 17 Riverview 17
Joeys 9th 53 Riverview 10
Joeys 10th 53 Shore 7th 0
Joeys 11th 45 Riverview 10th 12
Joeys 12th internal 25-25

Joeys 16A 10 Riverview 8
Joeys 16B 39 Riverview 0
Joeys 16C 41 Riverview 0
Joeys 16D internal 25-25
Joeys 16E 38 Reddam House 10
Joeys 16F 33 Grammar 16B 12
Joeys 16G/H 15 Riverview 16D 17

Joeys 15A 12 Riverview 19
Joeys 15B 60 Riverview 10
Joeys 15C 19 Riverview 19
Joeys 15D 24 Kings 15C 7
Joeys 15E 17 Riverview 15D 21
Joeys 15F 10 Grammar 15B 41
Joeys 15G 56 Riverview 15E 14

Joeys 14B 14 Riverview 21
Joeys 14C 3 Riverview 7
Joeys 14D 0 Riverview 33
Joeys 14E 12 Riverview 26
Joeys 14F 0 Riverview 73
Joeys 14G 14 Riverview 44

Joeys 13A 60 Riverview 0
Joeys 13B 7 Riverview 40
Joeys 13C 7 Riverview 22
Joeys 13E 21 Newington 13E 37
Joeys 13D 34 Riverview 17
Joeys 13F 27 Riverview 13E 27
Joeys 13G 10 Riverview 13F 22
Was there a 14A game?