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Tip the 2018 AAGPS 1st XV Premiers

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Up the Guts

Steve Williams (59)
FT Shore 4ths over Joeys 5ths in a tight one. Shore 4ths are a strong team so looks as though the depth at Joeys is up to its usual standard.

Up the Guts

Steve Williams (59)
Standout players?

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Couple of big forwards for Shore who carry very well, in the backs Shore just look to get it into the hands of the winger, Stinson, who is far too quick and agile to only be playing in the 4ths.

Typical Joeys side with every player having the ball skills of a fly-half, doubt they'll lose any games to other 5th XV sides.

Up the Guts

Steve Williams (59)
Joeys 4ths beat Shore 3rds 33-12. This is a Shore 3rds team that beat Waverly and Knox reasonably comfortably to give some idea of the depth at Joeys.

Jim Belshaw

Bob Loudon (25)
Grammar played TAS today in Armidale in very cold conditions. I think that these are the scores via the TAS rugby app. I was working quickly. Corrections welcome.
  • Firsts TAS 24 Grammar 6
  • Seconds Grammar 14 TAS 13
  • 16As Grammar 19 TAS 17
  • 16Bs TAS 24 Grammar 12
  • 15As Grammar 36 TAS 14
  • 15Bs TAS 24 Grammar 17
  • 14As Grammar 29 TAS 5
  • 14Bs TAS 29 Grammar 10
  • 13As Grammar 57 TAS 0
  • 13Bs TAS 22 Grammar 21.
Interesting pattern of results. The two schools remain pretty evenly matched. TAS won the two open grades, but Grammar appears to have won each of the A grades, TAS all the Bs!


Greg Davis (50)
Are there any BBQ reports from around the grounds? Hunters Hill is known for its "Rower" creation. Scots usually do well.