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Tip the 2018 AAGPS 1st XV Premiers

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Alfred Walker (16)
Full time
Scots 45 Shore 12
Scrappy last 20 minutes
Lots of unnecessary niggle.
One Shore player yellow carded.
Scots rested most of their pack for the second half.


Greg Davis (50)
Kings 30 Joeys 25
Great second half. Joeys never gave in.
Kings look beatable if you have a big pack


Greg Davis (50)
SHORE WIN (second half) 12-5
Well done Shoremen. Hope you took some teeth



Greg Davis (50)
Thanks again to brumbies for teh commentary and to all who chipped in with updates.
Well done View over Newington
Joeys v Kings...what a game
Scots stomped on Shore and broke their toys, BUT not their spirit as they won the second half.

Joeys scores

Joeys 1st 25 Kings 30
Joeys 2nd 17 Kings 15
Joeys 3rd 45 Kings 0
Joeys 4th 29 Kings 0
Joeys 5th 46 Kings 7
Joeys 6th 43 Kings 7
Joeys 7th 87 Kings 0
Joeys 8th 26 Kings 14
Joeys 9th 35 Scots 0
Joeys 10th 29 Cranbrook 4th 0
Joeys 11th 90 Kings 9th 5
Joeys 12th 12 Grammar 3rd 43

Joeys 16A 40 Kings 0
Joeys 16B 22 Kings 0
Joeys 16C
Joeys 16D 12 Knox 16B 5
Joeys 16E 17 Kings 16D 7
Joeys 16F 36 Knox 16C 21
Joeys 16G 81 Kings 16E 5

Joeys 15A 46 Kings 5
Joeys 15B 60 Kings 0
Joeys 15C 12 Waverely 15B 20
Joeys 15E 80 Waverley 15D 17
Joeys 15F 60 Kings 15D 5
Joeys 15G 55 Riverview 15E 29
Joeys 15H 67 Shore 15F 29

Joeys 14A 19 Kings 5
Joeys 14B 40 Kings 12
Joeys 14C
Joeys 14D 10 Kings 14C 40
Joeys 14E 32 Waverley 14D 5
Joeys 14F 14 Kings 14D 62
Joeys 14G 14 Waverley 14E 30

Joeys 13A 24 Kings 22
Joeys 13B no game
Joeys 13C 0 Kings 36
Joeys 13D 41 Kings 0
Joeys 13E 40 Kings 21
Joeys 13F 51 Grammar 13C 0
Joeys 13G 7 Kings 13F 47


Greg Davis (50)
Finally. Many thanks to those who contributed to the Rural appeal today online and in person today at Joeys.
It was great to see a lot of the boys donating money in a sign of solidarity with their bush brothers.
Last count....



Alfred Walker (16)
Hey Wristy any idea who;s in the teams Savala, Mossman,Harris etc ?

Full strength starting line up except for Savala at 10 and Gavin at 4.
Mason had his best game standing in at fly half.
Harris and Williams rested early second half.
Been a lot of hard rugby for those forwards who have been at the State Champs.
2 big games to come against Joeys and Kings.