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Tip the 2018 AAGPS 1st XV Premiers

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Up the Guts

Steve Williams (59)
In the Easts vs Norths Shute Shield match yesterday there were 5 Shore Old Boys playing. Make of that what you will about the talent of the players coming through Shore vs the quality of coaching.


Bill Watson (15)
Connolly was out. Kings may have had 2-3 out yesterday. They were certainly depleted when 6 went off injured. I thought they missed him and that’s when Joeys forwards started to match up. It looked like a bad ankle injury and he could be out a while.

Many thanks for those responses, peeps. Will run on that basis.

The Honey Badger

Jim Lenehan (48)
This was his ultimate post. Seems like you Gobbies just can't get along. Methinks he is gone for good.
Gee, we have lost some high profile and regular posters in the last 18 months.

The only Grammar presence on site.

Hope he gets back, will miss his antagonism.

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The Honey Badger

Jim Lenehan (48)
In the Easts vs Norths Shute Shield match yesterday there were 5 Shore Old Boys playing. Make of that what you will about the talent of the players coming through Shore vs the quality of coaching.
There are plenty playing at various grades in various clubs. I would say well represented.

Be an interesting exercise to see what schools are represented by numbers in Sydney club rugby. Would need to call in GOIII for that exercise.

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Alfred Walker (16)
Shore to finish the season strong with 2/2 wins against View and New. The spirit of this team and the school behind them will see them beat view by 1 point in an epic battle at Northbridge on old boys day. Then they'll travel to Stanmore and win in a high scoring affair like last year, but this time by 8 points.

Shore were well beaten yesterday but they were far from overwhelmed.
The biggest issue they have is the size of their pack.
The forwards were tenacious but their attempts at pick and drive went nowhere against the Scots pack.
The team will need to lift to beat View but it is well within their capability.
There have been those questioning Shore's place in the GPS first XV comp, based on yesterdays performance this is misguided and does a great disservice to their rugby programme.
I saw a lot of passion on the field and strong support from a large crowd of boys on the touchline.
Shore will be back and the results in lower age groups suggest it won't be too long.
Good luck to them in their last 2 fixtures.


Trevor Allan (34)
And then there’s the JoeBoys’ Dad’s BBQ’s “Rower’s Lot”, which I do rate as the “Best in the Business” (even ignoring Azzurri’s well known penchance for a Shore Mum’s beef pie!)[/quote

CJ ... seriously !!!!...how you could mention “Salem’s Lot” and the Precious in the same sentence is beyond me!!!!


Bill Watson (15)
Miss you, Az.
You’ll be happy that I got my comeuppance at BBQ time when my Rowers Lot order was sans-steak! Either eager others had gotten in plenty early, or the bloody drought is already hitting supply lines harder than anyone in the City realises.

Your boys did well yesterday. T’was a thoroughly engaging match. The attrition (on both sides) would’ve had multiple ice-baths in use. And am not referring there to any aftermath at Jacks Bar! ;)


Bill Watson (15)
You need to get over to Gordon and check out the Stag Burger..makes the rowers Lot and the big newie look like the weight watchers version.

Gawd, Az. You had me at “Well, hellllloooo” with that kind of chat! Even the name, the “Stag Burger”, conjures mouth-watering. ;)

Next thing, the Joker-man, who seems quite partial to getting amongst a battle of the Rugby BBQs, is gonna want ‘in’ on the Big Bite off!


Nev Cottrell (35)
What was verdict on new looks joeys backs?

Possibly more of head scratcher was seeing jet Williams in 2nds!

He got game time in gps 2nds didn't he? Dropped for reason?

Either way will be interesting to see joeys v scots .... joeys seems to rise to the scots challenge


Bill Watson (15)
SDW, in my shorter 15 or so years of Sydney GPS viewing experiences, my sense is that most teams automatically “rise up” to meet the Joeys challenge!

That said, next week at Bellevue Hill is indeed GPS Season 2018 “GF” No.2.

Should be a beauty.


Trevor Allan (34)
Interesting call by the referee in yesterday’s game with the Joeys No 7 dropped on his head by the Kings No 5 at the ruck. Joeys 7 had hands on ball and was cleaned out by Kings 5, who dropped him on his head. Unbelievably dangerous play. Result? Penalty to Kings!


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One eyed pirate

Ward Prentice (10)
There was ‘more than niggle’ from both sides. If anyone can post a video of the game that would be great. One thing which made me laugh-the touchy on the far side was obviously having a chat or distracted when Joeys unexpectedly kicked for touch. I reckon he put his flag up 50m from where it went into touch.....and the old man running shuffle in an attempt to get to the ball....didn’t matter but jeez it was funny. I’m not sure but I don’t think the ref got a lot of help from the touchlines. A video would help.

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