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Trevor Allan (34)
A game played at great pace and intensity with both sides throwing it wide at every opportunity. Probably wasnt enough keep it in tight from the piggies, so both sides cancelled each other out for much of the game. Joeys probably a little below their best. Sualli well contained with little opportunity to make an impression. Had a couple of good runs but mostly in traffic.


Trevor Allan (34)
Classy touch at the very end of the game. The entire Kings side lined up in front of the Joeys faithful and applauded them and Joeys clapped them right back. Well done Kings, great example.

Quick Hands

David Wilson (68)
4 tries each at Stanmore, goal kicking the difference in the end. A game of contrasting styles with Newington relying largely on speed out wide, while Scots graft through the forwards. Newington seemed to lose their composure and structure in the 2nd half, while the Scots machine just kept going. Scots just know how to graft out a win. Highly enjoyable day of rugby at Stanmore with most games very competitive.

Full time in 1sts

Scots def New 28-24

I'll repost results from early games in case people are just tuning in.

Early games

15A New def Scots 35-7
15B New def Cranbrook 50 plus
15C New def Scots 44-5

16A New def Scots 19-13

4th New def Scots 31-7
3rd Scots def New 25-24
2nd New def Scots 22-19

Unsure of 13A and 14A - someone told me that Scots won 13As but unconfirmed. No news from the outpost at Tempe for the 14As


Greg Davis (50)
Sorry all. Been out of Sydney today as my eldest was not well and hence a visit down to Nowra today. He works down there and needed his dad. Missed everything!!! Thanks to another Joeys dad for texting me score. Sounds like the 2nds was an amazing finish. Was told the last play was the kick off and Joeys went 16 phases to score.

And what the $%&# happened at Stanmore. 19-0 lead and then Scots hit back?#$@$%
Anyway, next week we play the dark forces of Mordor. Joeys held firm last time we faced them.


Rob hart

Ted Thorn (20)
So The Battlers from Bellevue Hill will travel to HH to meet Goliath to decide the premiership and Kings will meet Shore to decide the wooden spoon ....... can you imagine the odds of that pre season ...... you have to feel for the Kingsmen 1 point last week 3 this week just so close but so far ....... can’t wait to see the Jokers pics this week
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