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Bill McLean (32)
FT: Very competitive game not reflected in final score of 36-18. Joeys scores 14 points while New were down to 14. Joeys had a mountain of possession in last 15 and that made the difference.


Bob Davidson (42)
A little something for the Joker and the youngster.

My boy is going to be ok. He wont be playing for two weeks (mandatory absence) but he will play again.
He seems to be ok as he is now devouring some KFC and wanting to go back to Joeys to see his mates.
Mum though has said he must come home. "No worries", he says, "second dinner"

Johnny come lately

Jimmy Flynn (14)
Johnny, what were the key match ups? I had though New forwards would have tired late.

I was getting feeds from my old boy son who attended so I couldn't say.
From what I got New dominated in the first half and stifled Joeys attack but it flipped in the 2nd half and the yellow was a killer for New.
Clearly Joeys felt like they had it by the throat in the second half, passing up so many penalty goals, opting for touch instead.

Rob hart

Watty Friend (18)
Thanks Rob. Who impressed?
How was the pie?
Good coffee?

Pie was simply the best the canteen / coffee was amazing but Joker you will be shocked to know they had at least 10 pies left over at the end !!! Without doubt the Referee was the stand out man of the match almost blew the pea out of his whistle !

Quick Hands

David Wilson (68)
Next week:

Kings v Newington

Joeys v Shore

Scots v Riverview

Kings v Newington will be the 150th anniversary of the first game of rugby between the two schools in 1869. Crucial game after two first round losses.

Big day ahead a Bellevue Hill two of the undefeated teams.