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rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
Hi all.

I will try and write a brief summary of the 1sts game to give those not in attendance a feel of the game. GPS won 26/7 and deserved the win. That said on another day this game would have been desperately close. CAS were their own worst enemy, dropping balls especially in the lineouts. I counted 8 lineouts where the CAS lost their own throw, and it was not as if Pollard was missing his mark. He was nailing the throws, just the recipient dropped it. I really would have had Cameron playing 4 or 5 as he and Pollard have been superb this year for Barker but he was at the back and on a wet day going long is tough. The other problem was 5 of these lineouts were 5m out from the GPS line so the scoring opportunity went begging to many times.

To GPS credit when they had the ball, and they had a lot of it, they looked great. The Joeys 10,12,13 worked a treat all night and the opportunity they gave Mossman and the go to man Koula kept GPS on the front foot all night.

Connolly was safe and reliable at full back. In the forwards it was a very even night. The CAS front row probably had the upper hand especially late in the game when they dismantled the GPS scrum twice in space of 5 minutes. Botha for GPS was very visible around the park and while Ratcliff and Bokenham did there bit at lineout time and at the breakdown. Tom Gratwick from CAS was equally good at 8.

If I were to choose a combined side it would look like this.

1 Brown CAS
2 Pollard CAS
3 Botha GPS
4 Houston GPS
5 Cameron CAS
6 Gratwick CAS
7 Ratcliff GPS
8 Bokenham GPS
9 Albert GPS
10 Gibbs GPS
11 Koula GPS
12 Chan GPS
13 Obrien GPS
14 Mossman GPS
15 Connolly GPS

The 2nds game was very even with GPS getting up 19/14. Once again losing lineouts close out really affected the CAS guys and they could have pulled off a deserved win.

I think some of the CAS 2nds may challenge for spots in the CAS1sts especially in the backs while I do not expect that from the GPS seconds

Wilson 3, Buchanan 4 Fitzgerald 10 North 11, Vass 14 all had really good games for CAS 2nds and made a impact when they came on for CAS in the dying moments in the firsts. Fitzgerald 10 especially had a really good game and really directed the backs well while North scored 2 great tries. I think Vass could go into 15 and North11, for Fridays games.

Anyway congrats to the GPS lads. Deserved winners of both games.

Armchair Selector

Johnnie Wallace (23)
Credit to all teams yesterday who played in challenging conditions.

Tough to get combinations working when they havent been together for long. Established combinations were an advantage on the night.

Fingers crossed that we get some dry weather for Thursday and Friday to see all teams at their best. Sadly I dont like their chances.....

A few observations from last night.


Scrappy affair with the team dropping the least ball emerging the victors. Weekes (N) very impressive at Full back. GPS backs looked a lot better with the replacement Half Back Adams (S) on the field. A lot more space created for his outside backs. Riverview centre combination of Delaney and Clark clicked better than CAS opponents. Winger Kanaan (J) elusive in traffic. Pick of the forwards for GPS Maka (N), Hannan (I), Doust (I) and Clinton (I).

Thought the Wingers for CAS did well; Vass (B) and North (C). Fitzgerald (K) outpointed his GPS opposition at 10.

Surprised to see Hawkes (T) in seconds having played NSW2s last year. Came on as a replacement in CAS 1s and did a demolition job on his GPS1 opponent.


Again a lot of dropped ball and errors especially at lineout. Ref policed offside and ruck infringements well much to the protest of the crowd on some occasions.

CAS backs, tough night and Wingers saw little ball. Centers did a mountain of work in defence but didn't capitalise on attacking opportunities. Agree with Rod S I dont believe any bested their GPS opponents.

CAS forwards, scrum looked much better with CAS reserves on. Which raises some interesting points around GPS front row selections as GPS held CAS scrum in 2nds but Firsts were dominated by CAS1 late in the game. Refer comments above. I was expecting Pollard (B) to stand out more in the match but in my opinion he wasnt any better than his GPS opponent Moore (S). settle down Rod S ;). Moore certainly had a better night with line out throw. Best forwards for CAS, Breden (K), Pollard (B) and Gratwicke (K)

GPS backs, outstanding service from Albert (I) at half back. step above CAS Smith (C). GPS had luxury of all Joeys 10,12 and 13 which showed. Winger Koula(N) was my best back on field. Wow he is quick! Mossman (S) broke the line and found space. Connolly (K)was quiet in miserable conditions but certainly showed his pace at FB.

GPS forwards, scrum needs a clinic but their line out was much better than CAS. Houston(J) and Bokenham(J) disruptive in lineout and around the field. Impressed with O'kane (J) who looked strong as a ball runner and in defence.

As for selections, good luck! Suspect a number of players will rule themselves out from NSW schools selection as they are already in Gen Blue Program and have the "Golden ticket".


Greg Davis (50)
1st XV
GPS 26 def CAS 7
Tries Moore (S); O’Kane (J); Albert (I); Koula (N) Goals Mossman (S) 2 Gibbs (J)

2nd XV
GPS 19 def CAS 14
Tries Clinton (I); Vei (N); Weekes (N) Goals Vei 2

GPS Blue 45 def GPS White 24
GPS Blue
Tries 3 Miller (E); Smith (G); Adams (S); Latu (N); Williams (K) Goals Adams 4 Creesy
GPS White
Tries Greer (J); Abadee (E); Ball (N); Poolman (K) Goals Dight (E) 2


Greg Davis (50)
Good afternoon and welcome to the GPS representative matches being hosted by St Joseph's College.
In today's games

GPS White play NSWJRU Under 18 No 2
GPS Blue play NSWJRU Under 18 No 1.

Sunny conditions at the Joeys Park with a temperature of 19 degrees.
Kick off is at 1.00pm. Standby for updates throughout the afternoon.


Greg Davis (50)
L Goldsmith (K) B Males (K) S Greer (J) B Dalton (J) J Clancy (E) S Smith (G)
D Williams (E) T Ball (N) D Sellers (J) B Miller (E) M Hall (E) G Poolman (K)
D Dight (E) Jack Ricci (S) O Archus (I)

J Stone (I) T Easy (I) H Tuck (S) W Erby (E) T Poata (N) L Russo (E) L Francis (E) R Abadee (E) J Hickey (K) E Bell (A) J Baker (A) G Phillips (N) A Guest (G)

Armchair Selector

Johnnie Wallace (23)
L Goldsmith (K) B Males (K) S Greer (J) B Dalton (J) J Clancy (E) S Smith (G)
D Williams (E) T Ball (N) D Sellers (J) B Miller (E) M Hall (E) G Poolman (K)
D Dight (E) Jack Ricci (S) O Archus (I)

J Stone (I) T Easy (I) H Tuck (S) W Erby (E) T Poata (N) L Russo (E) L Francis (E) R Abadee (E) J Hickey (K) E Bell (A) J Baker (A) G Phillips (N) A Guest (G)

Joker do you have the names and Jersey numbers for NSW Juniors?


Greg Davis (50)
NSW Juniors II

Jersey Surname First Name District Club
1 Bell Jack Central West
2 Benn Nic Hunter
3 Bradford Fossie Hunter
4 Cantarella Adamon Western Sydney Two Blues
5 Curls Blake Illawarra
6 Gurney Blake Illawarra
7 Hakalo Sulivenusi Central West
8 Hansen Cooper Illawarra
9 Herbert Josh Northern Suburbs
10 Humphreys-Jones Tavish Southern Districts
11 Kruger Cameron Warringah
12 Leffers Tristan Northern Suburbs
13 Leventis Giorgio Gordon
14 Malafu Tremane Illawarra
15 Matenga Stacey Burraneer
16 McKay Mitchell Randwick
17 Molloy Conor Randwick
18 Rangihaeta Tua Illawarra
19 Retallack-Williams Kelly Mid North Coast
20 Terekia Dane Western Sydney Two Blues
21 Tulk Dylan Far North Coast
22 Tyson Toby Warringah


Greg Davis (50)
NSW Juniors I

Jersey Surname First Name District Club
1 Afamilliona AJ Western Sydney Two Blues
2 Andrews Jacklin Hunter
3 Austin Harvey Illawarra
4 Badger Logan Hunter
5 Bennett Charlie Hunter
6 Blake Jayden Central West
7 Chan Gordon Western Sydney Two Blues
8 Chipizubov Roman Western Sydney Two Blues
9 Dalibozek Liam Hunter
10 du Preez James Gordon
11 Hooper Cory Warringah
12 Iakopo Seturi Western Sydney Two Blues
13 Lancaster Heath Mid North Coast
14 Lind Conor Lindfield
15 Maslen Toby Central North
16 McPhee Thomas Hunter
17 Parkinson Sam Hunter
18 Pollack Ben Gordon
19 Reilly Vincent Eastern Suburbs
20 Roache Dietrich Western Sydney Two Blues
21 Ryan Timothy Hunter
22 Suluka Toa Randwick
23 Watts Mitchell Central North


Greg Davis (50)

Today's team is the following.

L Goldsmith (K) B Males (K) S Greer (J) B Dalton (J) J Clancy (E) R Abadee (E)
D Williams (E) T Ball (N) D Sellers (J) D Dight (E) M Hall (E) G Poolman (K)
A Guest (G) Jack Ricci (S) J Baker (A)

J Stone (I) T Easy (I) H Tuck (S) W Erby (E) T Poata (N) L Russo (E) H Blakely (I)
C Conroy (K) J Hickey (K) E Bell (A) G Phillips (N) A Kalaf (S)


Greg Davis (50)
While I am having a break....

GPS BLUE as of 26/6/2019

W Cant (E) L Robinson (J) A Fahey (K) S Shepard (K) H Janson (N)
S Smith (G) B Dalton (J) H Prineas (K) S Ewington (N) B Miller (E)
D Moretti (J) G Kosmas (N) T Latu (N) J Williams (K) O Archus (I)
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