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Fowler should of been in 1s for me Oscar Jorgenson as well had done more than enough to play GPS 1s Archie Campbell on the reserves is too low for him as well

Oscar would 100% be better than Perkins no disrespect to him but offers more in defence and attack as there is more to rugby than pure speed that Perkins offers
I’m not quite sure how you can say ojs defence is better than perkins when it is one of ojs biggest liabilities and Perkins strength. This just shows how deluded some joe boys are

Short side

Bob McCowan (2)
I’m not quite sure how you can say ojs defence is better than perkins when it is one of ojs biggest liabilities and Perkins strength. This just shows how deluded some joe boys are
I just feel Jorgenson is a better fit when you already have a speedster on one wing, just brings a new dynamic to the team with a bigger winger and good ball carrying ability

Loose Carry

Peter Burge (5)
Was at Northbridge to watch Shore v Joeys. Joeys outclassed Shore in both backs and forwards. The Joeys forwards set the platform for their backs with physical carries and quick ball. Joeys backs were strong and fast and made metres easily and scored some classy tries. Standout players for me were Joeys (13) with his physical defence and big ball running, I’m tipping him for GPS 1s. Joeys (4) and (7) were in everything as well in attack and defence. Joeys (10) had a great kicking game and put in a excellent kick for joeys first try and as usual Joeys (15) had a great all round game, however does anyone know why he was sent off early in the match?
Yellow card was for questioning the ref’s decision. 15 thought he had won a pilfer - referee didn’t agree. 15 questioned ref - ref made it clear who was in charge.


Allen Oxlade (6)
Here is a proposal

Due to previously expressed interest in lower age teams' performance, why don't we publish a comp table for 13As & Bs, 14As & Bs, 15As & Bs and 16As & Bs, beginning with this 1st round? What say you?

A good friend is very happy to put it together for us. This then will be shared right here,

What is needed for this to work is a "champion" from every school (do we include High and Grammar?) who can send me the results for the weekends game.

The sad fact is that newsletters with weekend results are not public information anymore at most GPS schools websites.
Joeys still has public access to results last time I checked. Any others?

If you would like to nominate yourself to reliably report the results each (comp) week from your school, please let me know.

What are your thoughts?

NOTE: Doing it for any grades lower than As & Bs might be a bit pointless due to not all schools fielding teams consistently.
Happy to do it for Scots. Team results are usually published for scots sometime on Monday or Tuesday


Allen Oxlade (6)
Newington seemed to be getting flogged in the lower grades losing 64-0 in the 14as but the 1st XV was incredibly close with Newington coming out on top 28-27

Armchair Selector

Johnnie Wallace (23)
Well the Green and Gold forum on selections for AAGPS wasn't too far from the mark!

Think we had 9/15 for GPS I. A few surprises but up to the players to play well to push for higher selection

Have to say GPS has some serious talent across all 4 teams. Congratulations to the selectors who do this job.

Of the 69 GPS players selected, here is the breakdown by school:

Newington 14
Scots 13
Joeys 13
Kings 10
Shore 10
Riverview 7
Grammar 2

Wishing all the boys selected the very best for the next week. Have fun!

Armchair Selector

Johnnie Wallace (23)
GPS 1’s GPS 2’s GPS 3’s

1Jack Barrett (J)Tanui Jorgenson (N)Freddie Toone (G)
2Cam Johns (E)Bailey Park (K)Lipina Ata (N)
3Jackson Stiel (E)Henry Basten (K)Sam Berckleman (S)
4Oliver McCrea (S)Ned Ritchens (E)Darcy Fogarty (J)
5Archie Campbell (J)Charles Cooper (I)Kings 5 (K)
6Ben Di Staso (S)Harry Darling (J)Richard Penisini (K)
7Jayden Viliamu (N)Harry Davis (S)Austin Burbridge (K)
8Tim Sekel (I)Nick Harris (K)Liam Sullivan (I)
9Nicholas Lamming (I)Will Rorsheim (E)Billy Dickens (N)
10Ben Dufficy (K)Joey Fowler (J)Saxon Fenwick (K)
11William Perkins (I)Thomas Klem (E)Liam Grover (I)
12Jullien Caillol (I)Tyrese Loheni (K)Leo Bassingthwaite (E)
13Ronan Leahy (J)Max Threlkell (I)Jess McLean (N)
14Hadley Tonga (K)Siteni Taukumao (N)Henry Murray (E)
15Max Jorgensen (J)Dougal Payne (E)Angus Staniforth (K)
All based on personal opinion, no hate all the players in the GPS are playing great and whoever gets picked, the GPS will have a great team!
Congratulations to "All things footy" who correctly picked the back line excluding #9 . Maybe not in order but close enough.

Think you got 10 out of 15 of the GPS Firsts! Cudos to you.


Bill Watson (15)
3rd XV Round 3 Report

What an amazingly close competition it is turning out to be. There are still at least 5 teams that can win the Col Windon Shield.

Joeys 5 d Shore 3
This game lived up to expectations. With a single try from Joeys in the first half it was 5-3 at the break. Joeys had two players yellow carded in the second half and for a while had only 13 players on the field, but they were able to hold on to win the game. There was no score by either team in the second half. What a contest! Shore are still a chance for the premiership but you would think that they need to win all of their remaining games and hope that another school beats Joeys. Riverview's defeat of Kings leaves Joeys on top as the only undefeated team after Round 3.

Riverview 7 d Kings 5
Kings led 5-0 at half time but Riverview came back in the second half to score a converted try and take the match. The Riverview win means that both teams have had a single loss and are still a chance to win the competition. Both teams are yet to face Joeys and they will be crucial matches in the final two rounds.

Grammar 13 d TAS 5
I picked a close game here and a TAS victory, but it is clear that Grammar are still a force to be reckoned with as they continue to impress in recent matches. They have now had two wins on the trot and move on to meet Joeys at Hunters Hill in Round 4. They need to win this match to retain the shield, but it will be a huge task playing an undefeated Joeys team on the greatest rugby field in the country.

Scots 44 d High 0
As predicted, Scots had no trouble with High, notching up 44 points to improve their for and against significantly. I did not see this match but it is clear that it followed the recent pattern of High's matches resulting in huge losses. Scots now have a win on the board, but plenty of work to do in the remaining rounds.

Round 4 - 23 July after the holidays
Kings v Shore
TAS v Scots
Riverview v High
Joeys v Grammar

Black & White

Vay Wilson (31)
Newington seemed to be getting flogged in the lower grades losing 64-0 in the 14as but the 1st XV was incredibly close with Newington coming out on top 28-27
Hello secondrowerarespeedy

Newington won the 16As, 26-7, against a much vaunted Scots Side.
Also we can throw in the 15As result, a close 19-17 win. Don't know the 13As result, but New won about 40-7 in the preseason.
The 2ndXV, 15-10 loss was no flogging either.
On the score board, the result looks close. But Newington were clearly the better team, showing a capacity to attack with a pace. But, the real story, is how much can this Newington side improve.
Yes, if you compare the depth of the two schools, Scots should be winning. The same would occur against Joeys, Kings and View for New, for the same reason.
Quantity has a Quality of its own.
For a school with limited grounds, a very small boarding House and many boys committed to soccer, I believe Newington does a good job as a school that plays Rugby. Could it do a better job, Yes, but dedicated people are working on it and their efforts, have yet to emerge


Dave Cowper (27)
I am looking forward to seeing Dickens play 10 for GPS, he must be very good. Sharples at 9 is a surprise but not totally unexpected. Oli Schmude in Joeys 2nds would be a school 1st XV player in almost any other year.
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Greg Davis (50)
Tipping update

This weekend saw the luck of the "forgotten", those who didn't get their tips in but through sheer luck scored all three wins with one getting a spread bonus.

For those who are unsure how I calculate the spread bonus, it works this way.
You make a prediction on the size of a win

For example.

Scots v Kings.

Billy selects Scots +8
Steve select Scots +12

Game is played and Scots win 19-10....who gets the spread bonus?

Does Billy? NO his spread was UNDER the winning margin. Even though he was close, he was under.
Does Steve? YES. His spread was OVER the winning margin and within 5 points.
If Steve had chosen +15, he would only get 3 points for the win and his margin was outside the 5 point parameter.

Hope this helps.

TIPS- Week 6.jpg


Greg Davis (50)

Under 13A and 13B
Under 14A and 14B
Under 15A and 15B
Under 16A and 16B

These results will need to be MESSAGED TO ME as soon as possible.
My super stats man is standing by and has already created an excellent running sheet.
This will be shared here as the season progresses.

Thank you to the following who have put their hand up.

Kings- Rugbynbeers
Joeys- Ace Ventura
Scots- propsarespeedy & secondrowsarespeedy
Newington- Black&White and Wyvern Boy (Dusk as well)
Grammar- Eyes&Ears

We still someone SHORE (you read this forum, c'mon and help us out) and RIVERVIEW (c'mon lads, I know you are there)

To make this useful and interesting, it would be nice to get the results in by the end of the weekend, or Monday at the latest so we can publish early in the week.

I am sure you agree it would be good to see some variation in the comps and not all 8 dominated by Joeys!
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