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Chris McKivat (8)
View are looking really good, I reckon they could beat the Kings team that played Newington today. (Don't get pissed I didn't watch all of Kings game, but heard many things). Joe Dillon takes control of the game and makes things happen, while he creates stuff all the other backs run with him and run into gaps and etc. Really impressive stuff that would outplay many teams.

Scots injury count has also been increased with Max Laverty (u16) coming off straight away with a buggered shoulder, 2XV debut and really unfortunate that that happened for him. Also, Charlie Swan the prop for the 2s also came off with a screwed arm or shoulder I'm not really sure.

Update on Aidan Gow, he has his whole leg in a cast with a stress fracture, his right hand thumb in a splint with a torn tendon and his whole left arm in a sling due to something I don't know. Not sure how many weeks but I don't reckon he'll be back for the season.

Sorry for being chatty, thought some would want an update.


Gow out for 3 months.


Ted Fahey (11)
On debut, Max Laverty has unfortunately come away with a fracked shoulder when playing riverview in the 2nds today. Very disappointing for the Bellevue men, hope he recovers fast.
- Professor


Greg Davis (50)
Tips results

We have a NEW LEADER!
One simple slip up and one game where the margins play their part. Not many got the margin bonus, a couple of geese went the draw option in a vain attempt to claw back ground but once again the unpredictable season continues.

Any problems of issues let me know.

Finally, as always, WE NEED RESULTS so the stats team can update those tables so all so enjoy.
Your help makes this happen.

Results Week 10.jpg


Greg Davis (50)
Shore were robbed. The second try Joey's scored was off a forward pass.
The best passage of play for me was when Shore made a break down field in the second half and the interplay and flick passing between the players was great. I was actually disappointed when they didn’t score as it would have been one of the tries of the season.


Stan Wickham (3)
It will a great occasion. Why not hold it at Leichhardt? Deny the year 12 players again a chance to beat the best on their own field. A game many will be following. Might come out of retirement for another culinary match up preview. This one just smacks of banter.
To be honest I don’t think View will care where they beat them. Many were outraged they gave up their home ground advantage against Joeys but the boys just focused on the task at hand knowing they had to earn it. Could be a lesson for others.


Bill Watson (15)
playing a game at a professional ground is something a lot of these boys will never get to experience.

I’m sure the boys in the 16As, 4ths, 3rds and 2nds were all over the moon as well with the chance to play at the famous ground.
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