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NSW CAS Rugby 2020


Nev Cottrell (35)
Well played, Barker, and nice video.


if I were coach, any player who decided to celebrate a try before actually scoring it would find himself in the Seconds next Saturday. It's just dumb, dumb football (apart from being lairy and unsporting).


Nev Cottrell (35)
Who let the clowns out to play?

Barker and Waverley are two pretty evenly matched sides this year, which is what you'd expect from an 18-17 result. Waverley won the game and will win at least a share of the premiership as a result. Childish sniping won't alter any of that.

Look, I played in this competition over 30 years ago. Every now and then I bump into someone I played against and we enjoy having a chat and catching up on where everyone is. Why? Because part of the fun of playing was to play hard on the field and be friendly off it. There's no play in sport - let alone school sport - for any other attitude.


Arch Winning (36)
Aloys got absolutely pumped in nearly every game last week. Their 13s age group has only 2 teams, if that continues, and given it's strengthened focus on academia, every reason to believe nothing will change.

Snort is right, you keep pulling the very odd success story out, but more so, do you really think these boys and their parents like getting pumped every week. I hope not.

This is not a rant against Aloys, it is reality, and a call for a more balanced, and safe, system/competition.
Relegation is needed, and IF a school does perform well in a certain age group, then great, put it in a higher group, but ignoring reality will not make them perform any better than they historically have, or will do in the future!


Stan Wickham (3)
The only thing I dislike about all of this talk about creating a more fair league is a loss of this heart on the crest attitude, that Aloys so well exemplifies :rolleyes:. Players are surely going to be less inclined to put their body on the line as there is no CAS or GPS trophy on the line. I agree something must happen, but I would hate to see the destruction of leagues that produce such competitive games as the school boys play for their name in CAS immortality.

Jonathan lumerick

Frank Row (1)
I think that everyone may be forgetting that there has been change to the way the competition works now. With the previous 10 round cas comp being cut down to 5, allowing for more evenly matched rugby programs to go head to head in these trial games. I dont think getting rid of the Cas traditional comp is the answer.


Nev Cottrell (35)
So, this week.

Waverley are away at Knox. Waverley should win quite comfortably, which would mean that they will have at least a share of this year's Henry Plume Shield. Knox will be buoyed up after beating Cranbrook, but won't quite have enough to pull off an upset.

Cranbrook are at home to Barker. Not an easy game for Barker, but it's hard to see them dropping the points.

And St Aloysius are at home to Trinity. Trinity are coming off a tough round against Barker; St Aloysius will be taking the positives from the second half against Waverley. St Aloysius will throw everything at this one, but Trinity's best players are better than St Aloysius' best players, and should get the men in green the points.


Bob Loudon (25)
I’d love to point out Hasbeen, as a loyal Barker fan myself, I’ve heard the 4th XV are the team to watch. With an absolute killer forward pack, the prime star of whom is Levi Evans, gaining his first ever meat pie in their victory over the Trinity 3rds, they’re very hard to stop. Their back line is where the real magic happens playing some flowing footy that is real poetry in motion, until they drop the ball of course. Colloquially known as the ‘Chaplains XV’ they’re coming off the back of consecutive victories against the Waverley 4ths and Trinity 3rds, with great things to come.
Much love xx

They must be headed for the headmaster's yellow jersey Schnippsy. The coach I gather is the fabulous, the one and only Jeff Ware?

Mr Serious

Peter Burge (5)
Had the few not been in the team, Waves would have still won comfortably. Don't forget the 2nds team that came on had already played a game, and by the way, there are boys in the 3s who are more than capable of playing 1s now.
Next year you will see for sure what I mean.

Are you referring to Junior WLF ??


Ted Thorn (20)
And, again, I make the point that I don't see this as being about relegation. Take the Ivy League as an example, in American college football. The guys who play for Harvard and Yale aren't on scholarships and most won't get drafted to the NFL (though it can happen - there are three ex-Harvard players currently in the NFL). But they play against schools with programs that share the same size, scope, aspiration and attitude. And they cherish the opportunity. I don't think that anyone will think that (say) the Trinity 1st XV jumper will be devalued if the players are in Division II (South), or whatever.

This is an excellent point and one I feel people who insist the current GPS/CAS/ISA structures need to be maintained forget. Your jersey isn't devalued simply because of the competition you play in. Only the people who wear it and represent it have that capability.


Nev Cottrell (35)
There are two distinct matters. Offering inducements to come to a school is one issue and it is unlikely much can be done about that. On the other hand, offering to take in a lad as a Rugby player to play for a school on condition that he not make himself available to play for a competing code is what is known as exclusive dealing (which as Snort would know is - s47(4) Competition and Consumer Act). So if Waves had a talented boy who Nick Politis wanted and if Waves said to the Boy "If you come to our school on a scholarship a condition is that you cant play for Easts" then most likely Nick would at least be funding legal advice if not legal action.

Arguably. Provided that the school is a corporation, of course.


Arch Winning (36)
Are you referring to Junior WLF ??

Not specifically but if you look at the lower grade scores it rings true.
The Waves 2nds played Aloys 2nds and won 73-5, the Waves 3rds played Barker 3rds and won, and the Waves 4ths played Aloys 3rds and won 25-5.


Chris McKivat (8)
Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 8.16.30 pm.png

Hello new to the CAS forums here,

I would like to show concern after reading multiple posts, what is the state of CAS forums?

Yours cordially, TDO.

Through the hands

Stan Wickham (3)
Round 4 is upon us and brings an interesting few games of rugby.

Aloys at home to Trinity, I don't see an issue here for Trinity, they've beat Knox had a tight loss to Cranbrook and stuck with Barker. I think this weekend we will get to see Trinity at their best for this season. As for Aloys, its been a tough year, and I don't see them getting within 40 of the men from Summer Hill.

Knox hosting Waverley brings us an interesting clash. Knox will take a lot of confidence out of their narrow win, in which a few of their star players really stood out. I'm unsure as to whether they will be able to stick with Waverley. Given that majority of the Waverley boys only really played a half or so of footy last weekend, a fresh Waverley team sure does smell like trouble.

Finally Cranbrook hosting Barker is the toughest to pick of the round. It is expected for Barker to stroll in and take the points but the job won't be so simple. Barker had to work very hard for the win over Trinity last weekend and Cranbrook had a number of chances to beat Knox but couldn't take them. With wet weather predicted, this clash could be an extremely tight one as Cranbrook will want to bounce back and throw everything at Barker. Would love to tip an upset but I think Barker will be good enough to take the win.

The Hammer

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Hello new to the CAS forums here,

I would like to show concern after reading multiple posts, what is the state of CAS forums?

Yours cordially, TDO.

TDO, it's Hammer here.

These forums have turned from sharing our love of rugby, to that of slander thrown between the great colleges of CAS.

Hopefully this can turn around when more rugby starts to get played.