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NSW CAS Rugby 2020

rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
Ok. Nice spot to walk the dog. Nick Frost looks right at home in the Brumbies starting XV tonight. He is a big unit

Through the hands

Stan Wickham (3)
From the Knox Cranbrook game earlier today,

Knox in attack looked relatively sharp, Tom Morison leading the side around really well and an excellent performance from Luke Tucker at 15. However it was often the last pass that would let them down or some solid work at the breakdown from Cranbrook.

The Cranbrook backs were very solid, in particular late in the game they really came alive and could've snatched a win at the death.

Overall an excellent game of rugby but I don't think either side will get near the premiership with two rounds left.

rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
Barkers last two games are Cranbrook at Dangar, then Knox at Hornsby. Given how close the game was with Trinity, neither game will be a walk in the park. If Barker wants stand alone 2nd place they need to treat both games as grandfinals. Waves are in the same boat. They face Knox this weekend then Trinity. Given it was 3/3 at half time with Barker/Trinity, Waves too will need to be on their game. Losing a game now would gut them, as it would Barker. Knox could prove the spoiler for both teams.

Am I right that Knox has Waves at Warrawee next weekend then away to Barker???

Through the hands

Stan Wickham (3)
Yes Rod, Knox has an excellent opportunity over these next two weekends. Waverley game at home will be key next week, if they can find a way to win it then anything can happen the following weekend at Barker. Just a shame the spectacle won't be as large as last years at Knox.


Peter Burge (5)
LOL. With @Barker0Peat banished. Up pops @Barkerdad101 ;) And what happened to @Barker4Peat ;)

Can't make anything out of @CameronRah's post, double Dutch to me as the old saying goes, or to be more precise here, double Russian :)

Yes, the comp is still wide open, though it is not biased to say it is Waverley's to lose. Points on the board. And in saying that, if the players think they will win it for sure, that WILL be their downfall. Knox and Trinity, either OR both, could pull their pants down, if their attitude is not right on the day.

Fingers crossed, that NSW stays on top of Rona, and the boys can complete the CAS comp. And double fingers crossed, no more serious injuries, had way too many of those this year.


Peter Burge (5)
No he is in the Opens, 3rds.
I have been told by my nephew that Joe has been in the 4s/5s until this weekend when he was promoted to 3s to cover for injury.... Sounds like he will go back to 4s/5s as he will not be required but we will have to wait and see.

On another note what great sportsmanship by Waverley 1st when subbing what I believe was the whole team at just over the half time mark. This was always going to be a one sided affair when even before kick off Alo’s requested uncontested scrums and only 30min halves.
Waverley obviously seen no need to run up a cricket score against a much weaker opponent , unlike Barker staff who needed the ego boost. The HPS is Waves to loose now !


Bob McCowan (2)
Waverley obviously seen no need to run up a cricket score against a much weaker opponent , unlike Barker staff who needed the ego boost. The HPS is Waves to loose now !

I think Barker kept most of their starters on for game fitness, they had Waverley the next week. Waves had a tougher match prior to Barker which benefited them. I think thats why they kept the starters on for so long? Not talking down Waves, they were the better team against Barker. Just my speculations.


Arch Winning (36)
It's almost like Aloys is playing Waverley's genuine 1st XV if they didn't import. Shows how much more even the playing field is when you don't just buy Roosters juniors, wouldn't you think?

Rubbish, there are only 2 that also play league,many more,like about 8 of the 1sts play union on a Sunday for Randwick.
Most other schools also have a few imports which is often forgotten.

If you are trying to suggest that's why Barker lost, incorrect, in fact the Waves should have won by more, and there are a number of boys in this years 1sts who were in the 16as last year, most of the pack and a few backs.

So we also look froward to next year as well, but as those who have followed this years year 11 age group, they would already know that this group had been together for many years, so no more talk about imports in the 2021 team.