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NSW CAS Rugby 2021

Big Papi

Herbert Moran (7)
Sure. But how often do all 41 teams play their counterparts in other schools? Twice? If that?

I remember one Cranbrook C team that spent literally half its season playing the Joeys' Es.

It's a good point you raise, Snort. It's a shame because a lot of those kids would end up getting sick of playing their mates internally week in week out, year after year.

Would love to see this changed somehow but I don't have any answers as to how to fix it. Might help retention levels within the schools and stop lots of youngsters switching over to soccer or aerial ping pong.



Greg Davis (50)
Here is how Joeys opens are playing this weekend.



Jimmy Flynn (14)
In a great sign for both schools rugby programs, Knox are playing Shore from 1st XV down to 8th XV, and in every other game on the day except the 13D's....where Knox are St Pats 13D's....another good sign of depth at Pat's.


Greg Davis (50)
Joker, it’s BP

Any reason Joeys 3rd XV aren’t playing kings 3rd XV? Have kings 3rds dropped out of the 3rd XV division similar to Newington?


Thanks for this BP.

I believe Kings have a big cadet camp on at this time and some senior players are CUO's etc.
The 1st and 2nd XV have been covered but the thirds have been weakened hence asked to play Joeys 4ths.
Joeys agreed.

There are no Under 16 and Under 15 games against Kings this weekend.
14's and 13's are usual numbers.
Knox team v Shore
1. Lachlan Scott
2. Romeo Bray
3. Jack Black
4. Miles Ball
5. Tobey Rowe
6. Ned Ericsson
7. Charlie Herdman
8. Will Feather
9. Tom Goddard
10. Tom Morrison
11. Will Constable
12. Jarrah McLeod
13. Archie Saunders
14. James Kirk
15. Luke Tucker

Just trials but if Knox had tightened up their defence out wide against joeys last week, they may have beaten them. The difference was smaller than expected.


Bill Watson (15)
I’m led to believe that there are 8 changes to the Newington 1st XV team for tomorrow’s battle against Barker College due to the injuries sustained against Waverley last week.

12 of the 15 boys are in Year 11.

Good luck to both schools and may the best team win.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Coming into half time in the 2nds at Warrawee, Shore 19 Knox 0. The shore number 10 has been outstanding. All 3 tries coming off him. Knox has the ascendency in the scrums but that’s about it.

rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
15As lost 24nil to New. FT in 2nds. Barker 17 New 0. Great defence by Barker in 2nd half. New had all the ball but just could not find a way through.