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NSW Schools - Trial Games and Selections 2016

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Brian Westlake

Arch Winning (36)
^^^^ The lack of a Team Rehab adjustment is probably due to the requirement to meet a deadline with the program printers.

Wait until your lads hit Colts and Grade and see the variances between the Team Lists submitted to the Competition Manager on Wednesday's, and the actual 1-15 that start on Saturday.

They are a work of fiction that L. Ron Hubbard would be proud of.

You mean L Ron tells fibbies?????



Sydney Middleton (9)
Here's a YouTube link: CAS 2nd XV v GPS 2nd [28-26] NSW 2016
2nd half - 7mins viewing

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
From earlier in the day, from a snout at the ground:

No detail on point scorers.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
CAS 2nds win 17-10.


Stead, Stocks, Wright.

Stead was dominant in attack and defense, Stocks pushed his cred as a potential NSW winger selection and Wright destroyed the other forward pack single handedly.

1sts lose on the bell 39-38.


Jordan, Mohi, Kemeny, Longville.

The backs showed some class with the ball.

The firsts were a far better team, but ISA scored three quick tries on the wing of the other winger who found himself out of position.

Some of forwards were losing possession of the ball too easily and not working hard enough on the deck.

Set piece in the firsts incredible. They won nearly every lineout and scrum.

Seconds struggled to win their ball on the lineout but dominated the scrum.

CAS II 17 defeat CCC 10


Trevor Allan (34)
NSW Schools I (1-23)

David Tifa (Ashcroft HS; CHS), Jack Ongosia (St Augustine's; ISA), Opeti Helu (Newington; GPS), Nick Brown (Kings; GPS), Nicholas Frost (Knox; CAS), Josh Kemeny (Cranbrook; CAS), Dylan Pietsch (Kings; GPS), Michael Fenn (Riverview; GPS), Will Haskins (Shore; GPS) , Adam Doueihi (St Patrick's; ISA), Jackson Mohi (Waverley; CAS) Nick Wilkinson (Joeys; GPS), Will Terry (Riverview; GPS) , Yirribi Jaffer-Williams (Joeys; GPS) , Ryan Longville (Trinity; CAS). Reserves: Charlie Jaevons-Fellows (Scots; GPS), Connor Grindal (Knox; CAS), Cameron Prince (St Augustine's; ISA), Hugh Margin (Knox; CAS), N.Lawson (GPS), Terry Fanolua (Westfields SHS; CHS), Tyrone Taukamo (Newington; GPS), Luke Osborne (Kings; GPS).

Team Management: John Guy Manager Hunter Valley Grammar School, Brad Gill Coach Newington, Luke Bower Assistant Coach Cranbrook, Narelle Veverka Physiotherapist

NSW Schools II (1-23)

D.Breen GPS, J.Bristowe CHS, D.Matthew CHS, L.Rasch CAS, R.Suttor CAS, C.Rorke GPS, M.Hingao ISA, B.Gleeson CHS, T.Jordan CAS, K.Hayman CHS, J.Veitch ISA, J.Morris CAS, J.Armstrong CAS, L. Rixon GPS, M.McTaggart GPS, J.Upton CAS, T.Osborne GPS, F.Cutler GPS, T.Silk GPS, W.Manu ISA, K.Brown GPS, W.Harrison CCC, O.Smeallie GPS

Team Management: Saxon Bowles Manager Oakhill, Lachlan White Coach Trinity, Assistant Coach Dean Hargraves Barker, Kendall Wallace Physiotherapist

Shadow Squad (Not required at team briefing)

T. Anstey CAS, M.Coghill CAS, B.Abra ISA, S.Ridley GPS, M.Douglas ISA, E.Fry CHS, B.O’Sullivan CAS, M.Basson CAS, D. Chipizubov ISA, B.Quenzle GPS, B. Hollingsworth-Dessent CAS, M.Orpen GPS, C.Shepherd CHS, L.Day GPS, B.McAndrew ISA

Can someone provide schools for NSW Schools II for me?

Also does anyone know what junior districts all these guys come from?


Vay Wilson (31)
1. Hughes (St Augustine's College)
2. Bremner (Chatswood High School)
3. Heaven (St Joseph's College)
4. Moretti (Waverley College)
5. Williams (The Scots College)
6. Kelso (Kinross Walaroi)
7. Peper (Kings School)
8. Harris (The Scots College)
9. Anau (Griffith High School)
10. Ilas (Trinity Grammar)
11. Tuipolotu (Hills High)
12. Easy (St Ignatius College)
13. Stewart (Kings School)
14. Afeaki (Newington College)
15. Tighe (Hunter Sports High)
16. McClennan (St Ignatius College)
17. Verheul (Kings School)
18. Duvall (Newington College)
19. Murphy (Waverley College)
20. Pretorius (Calrossy Anglican)
21. Gray (Calrossy Anglican)
22. Baker (The Scots College)
23. Bell (St Joseph's College)

Always very difficult to crystal ball gaze these things W88, but I suspect that today's results may impact a few of the above. Will be interesting to revisit after tmrws festivities.


Bob McCowan (2)
Always very difficult to crystal ball gaze these things W88, but I suspect that today's results may impact a few of the above. Will be interesting to revisit after tmrws festivities.
Big call there - the CAS lads have been playing well. I suspect a few more or the boys in the team from CAS.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
NSW Squads announced.

NSW Schools 1st XV
1. David TIFA , Ashcroft HS, CHS
2. Jack ONGOSIA, St Augustine's College, ISA
3. Opeti HELU, Newington College, AAGPS (2015 NSW II, Aust Barbars)
4. Nick BROWN, The King’s School, AAGPS (2015 NSW II)
5. Nicholas FROST, Knox Grammar, CAS
6. Josh KEMENY, Cranbrook School, CAS
7. Dylan PIETSCH, The King’s School, AAGPS (2015 NSW II)
8. Michael FENN, St Ignatius College, AAGPS (2015 CS)
9. Will HASKINS, Shore, AAGPS (2015 CS)
10. Adam DOUEIHI, St Patrick's College, ISA
11. Jackson MOHI, Waverley College, CAS
12. Nick WILKINSON, St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill, AAGPS (2015 NSW II)
13. Will TERRY, St Ignatius Colleg, AAGPS
14. Yirribi JAFFER-WILLIAMS, St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill, AAGPS
15. Ryan LONGVILLE, Trinity Grammar School, CAS (2015 CS)

16. Charlie JEAVONS-FELLOWS, Scots College, AAGPS
17. Connor GRINDAL, Knox Grammar, CAS
18. Cameron PRINCE, St Augustine's College, ISA
19. Hugh MARGIN, Knox Grammar, CAS
20. Nathan LAWSON, Newington College, AAGPS
21. Terry FANOLUA, Westfields SHS, CHS
22. Tyrone TAUKAMO, Newington College, AAGPS (2015 NSW II)
23. Luke OSBORNE, The King’s School, AAGPS

Manager: John GUY, Hunter Valley Grammar School,
Coach : Brad GILL, Newington College
Assistant Coach : Luke BOWER, Cranbrook School
Physiotherapist : Narelle VEVERKA

NSW Schools 2nd XV
1. Darcy.BREEN, Scots College, AAGPS
2. Jacob BRISTOWE, Westfields SHS, CHS
3. Dan MATTHEW, Kariong Mtn HS, CHS
4. Liam RASCH, Trinity Grammar School, CAS
5. Rory SUTTOR, Shore, AAGPS
6. Charles RORKE, St Ignatius College, AAGPS
7. Mila HINGAO. St Augustine’s College, ISA (2015 NSW I)
8. Ben GLEESON, NBSC Cromer, CHS
9. Tyzac JORDAN, Waverley College, CAS
10. Kieran HAYMAN, Hills SHS, CHS
11. Jack VEITCH, St Stanislaus’ College, ISA
12. Jordan MORRIS, Trinity Grammar School, CAS
13. James ARMSTRONG. Knox Grammar, CAS
14. Luke RIXON, Shore, AAGPS
15. Matthew McTAGGART, St Josephs College, Hunters Hill, AAGPS

16. Jack UPTON, Knox Grammar, CAS
17. Tom OSBORNE, St Ignatius College, AAGPS
18. Frank CUTLER, St Ignatius College, AAGPS
19. Tom SILK, St Ignatius College, AAGPS
20. Willy MANU, St Augustine’s College, ISA
21. Kyle BROWN, The King’s School AAGPS
22. William HARRISON, Marcellin College, CCC
23. Oliver SMEALLIE, St Ignatius College, AAGPS

Manager: Saxon BOWLES, Oakhill College
Coach: Lachlan WHITE, Trinity Grammar School
Assistant Coach: Dean HARGRAVES, Barker College
Physiotherapist: Kendall WALLACE

For the Train Spotters:
AAGPS 22 (12 NSW 1, 10 NSW 2)
St Ignatius College 7 (2 NSW 1, 5 NSW 2)
The King’s School 4 (3 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)
Newington College 3 (3 NSW 1, 0 NSW 2)
Shore 3 (1 NSW 1, 2 NSW 2)
St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill 3 (2 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)
Scots College 2 (1 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)

CAS 11 (6 NSW 1, 5 NSW 2)
Knox Grammar 5 (3 NSW 1, 2 NSW 2)
Trinity Grammar School 3 (1 NSW 1, 2 NSW 2)
Waverley College 2 (1 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)
Cranbrook School 1 (1 NSW 1, 0 NSW 2)

ISA 6 (3 NSW 1, 3 NSW 2)
St Augustine's College 4 (2 NSW 1, 2 NSW 2)
St Patrick's College 1 (1 NSW 1, 0 NSW 2)
St Stanislaus’ College 1 (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)

CHS, 6 (2 NSW 1, 4 NSW 2)
Westfields SHS 2 (1 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)
Ashcroft HS 1 (1 NSW 1, 0 NSW 2)
Kariong Mtn HS 1 (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)
NBSC Cromer 1 (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)
Hills SHS 1 (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)

CCC 1 (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)
Marcellin College (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)

AICES 0 (0 NSW 1, 0 NSW 2)

2015 "Incumbents" not selected for 2016
10. Patrick PELLEGRINI, Champagnat Catholic College, CCC (2015 NSW II)
14. Blaise BARNES, St Josephs College, AAGPS (2015 NSW I) (2016 Team Rehab)
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