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Pumas v Wallabies, Rosario, 5th October 2013

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Tim Horan (67)
Staff member
Simmons has had a great game and clocks impressive numbers every week. just because he's not loitering out in the backs taking runs doesn't mean he's not doing anything.

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Herbert Moran (7)
I think people are being a bit unfair about the standard of the arg attack and our defence.

The facts are that the Argies have been able to score 13 - 17 points in ALL of their RC matches so far. Yes, even the mighty boks and blacks have given up points to this team. So yeah, maybe the blacks would have put 50 on us or zeroed the Argies, but the facts don't really support any of those assertions.

I've been as critical about this side as anyone but there's no reason not to enjoy whats happened so far this morning.
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