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Pumas v Wallabies, Rosario, 5th October 2013

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They ARE performing better tonight. The backline passes are going to where the receiver is going to be rather than there where he is.

It's a long road back but this is the best they have performed this season.

...against an absolutely woeful effort by the Pumas, of course it flatters the wobblies and makes them look better.


Bill McLean (32)
Cooper hasn't broken a tackle since Moses wore short pants. If he's going to take the ball to the line he needs to get rid of it when the contact arrives.

No. He needs to get the balance right between offloads and taking the tackle. He was heavily crtisized for throwing it away too often. It's a test match. Better to go low percentage and hit the deck


Dave Cowper (27)
Over on Gem the original Avengers is getting shown. Some cool 60's retro cool on display.

OK, back to the rugby.
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