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QLD Colts 2023

Confucius Say

Trevor Allan (34)
Nothing announced regarding livestream as yet. Both will be streamed if history is anything to go by.

Keep an eye on reds rugby and QLD Premier Rugby Facebook sites.


Darby Loudon (17)
Some great rugby played in the Colt's grand finals. All games close and tough. Colts 1 won by Brothers V Souths was a really physical game with a final score 29/22. Souths winning Colts 2 over Brothers 29/22 and Colts 3 Brothers 15/12 over UQ. Colts 4 Brothers 4 A over UQ 4A 21/16 with Brothers winning on fulltime. Well done to all the teams and coaches was a really good season.

The Whisperer

Jimmy Flynn (14)
After the QLD 19s announcement. This is what I believe to be our strongest side:

1. Trevor King (Souths)
2. Will Rogers (Norths)
3. Nick Bloomfield (Easts)
4. Jake Kurbatoff (Souths)
5. Pat Gavin (GPS)
6. Joe Liddy (Easts)
7. Copper Cameron (Brothers)
8. Charlie Brosnan (Brothers)
9. Callum Reidy (Norths)
10. Harry McLaughlin-Phillips (Souths)
11. Ryley Bierton (Souths)
12. Dre Pakeho (Brothers)
13. Joe Doljanin (GPS)
14. Denzil Perkins (Souths)
15. Will McCullouch (Norths)

16. Aidan Taylor (Brothers)
17. Rory Beech (Brothers)
18. Harry Bell (Bond)
19. Alex Kerr (Easts)
20. Pat Sowerby (UQ)
21. Tom Manca (UQ)
22. Will Nason (Souths)
23. Campbell King (Wests)