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QLD GPS Representative Team - 2011


Bob Loudon (25)
I'd pick Jackson Cail (BGS #7 and captain) over Ayala. He's a former outside centre and played some wing for the BGS 1st XV last year, so he's got the fitness, experience and skillset. He's the best tackler at BGS and his brutal, unrelenting style at the breakdown isn't appreciated as much as it should be. Not only that, but Ayala's playing in a side that's been beating by 70+ in 60% of their games this season, so don't really see him as a valuable player.
More talk on the #9 position, i have watched a few tgs games and their #9 (not sure of his name) has great delivery as well as accuracy and precision in his pass and rate him higher than #9's from TSS, NC and Eason from ACGS.
adam deck, great delivery and can also get some length on his pass. but may lack experience as i havent really heard much about him before this year, but definitely deserves a crack at GPS.
Terrace Vs State High - A day in review

Ater watching a great day of rugby, where the clearly more dominant state high rugby program shone through, some positive points for the Terrace side were to be noted.

Jacob Fitzwalter, or "Wheels" as they called played a great game of rugby, pulling some great tackles on people twice or even three times his size and even having his own shot at the unwanted 'razzle dazzle' style of footy - Going for a chip and chase.

Other than that, the Terrace team really didn't show too much more, Jacob
"Wheels" fitzwalter is truley the greatest 15,14 or even 7 going around.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
When hell freezes over. We need all the quality props we can get, Paraka was Qld 1 last year. Don't expect him to move from the forward pack.
After watching the GT vs ACGS game yesterday i think the following players really put themselves into contention / solidified contention:

Oppenheimer (Great ball runner, defender and agression) (Anywhwere in the back row GPS 2 or 3)
Mitchell (High involvment in all facets of game) (#6 or #7 GPS 1 or 2)

Birgan (Extremely quick around the field, persitant at the ruck) (Must be #7 GPS 2 or 3)
Ayala (Strong / tireless defender and high involvement around the ruck) (anywhere in backrow GPS 3)
Crookes (Strong ball runner and linout specialist) (#4 or #5 GPS 3)


Peter Fenwicke (45)
I thought the exact same Redsfan,

I'd have Mitchell as the 7 for GPS 1, Oppenheimer as 8 for GPS 3. Birgin as 7 for GPS 2, Ayala as 6 for GPS 3, Crookes as 4 for GPS 3


Hello all,
Ive been watching AIC games this year but have been reading the QLD GPS thread with interest. Have there been any outstanding no.12's in this years competition because there have been a good deal of no.12's in the AIC this year who I believe that would push for a QLD spot.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Quality from previous years is no longer there, main contenders would be Tuttle (NC) and Laud (BGS) but none in my opinion are up to Qld standard. I think that's one of the positions AIC could really challenge for. Same with 3,4,11,15 as there are no dominant players in those positions.
I thought the exact same Redsfan,

I'd have Mitchell as the 7 for GPS 1, Oppenheimer as 8 for GPS 3. Birgin as 7 for GPS 2, Ayala as 6 for GPS 3, Crookes as 4 for GPS 3

Kristian Satui? no 7 for gps 1 last year, dont think mitchell will get the nodd over him