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QLD GPS Representative Team - 2011

I'm not being a dickhead but isn't red the "better" of the two QLD sides, so therein Aumua was picked on the bench for the better team. But as you have pointed out Maile is in hot form atm and that is what the players should be selected on (form).
I'm not being a dickhead but isn't red the "better" of the two QLD sides, so therein Aumua was picked on the bench for the better team. But as you have pointed out Maile is in hot form atm and that is what the players should be selected on (form).

Yeah read your post wrong. thought you meant he didnt get picked at all. but Maile is injury free this year. unlike the past 2 or 3 years. so signs are positive


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Kristian Satui? no 7 for gps 1 last year, dont think mitchell will get the nodd over him

Satui will certainly be playing GPS 1 on current form, wether thats at 6 or 7 doesn't really matter as Mitchell will be the other. I think Aumua (BGS) will be the 8 for GPS 1 but in saying that Maile (BSHS) will still have a great chance of making Qld 1. The selectors aren't always right so I think either boy could get the spot but it will eventually come down to who plays better at state trials and deserves the maroon jumper. Meanwhile I like either Oppenheimer (ACGS) of Ayala (GT) for GPS 3, I think the first of the two will get it just based on size and defence and Ayala will slot in at 6 or somewhere else in the backrow.

Either way backrows will be strong here's what I'm thinking:
GPS 1 - 5 Curtis Browning, 6 Kristian Satui (NC) , 7 Conor Mitchell (ACGS), 8 Levi Aumua (BGS)
GPS 2 - 6 Tasi Tasi (IGS), 7 Ben Birgin (GT) (C), 8 Liume Maile (BSHS)
GPS 3 - 6 Ben Ayala (GT), 7 Joseph Swann (BSHS), 8 Lachlan Oppenheimer (ACGS)

Other Contenders still include: Vasiliades (TSS)
My Wildcard Selection: Joseph Swann (BSHS) - Played QLD 2 last year, missed a few early games this season and was a write-off. Back in form now and by all reports has been strong.

Before you lock these into QLD sides consider: Caleb Timu (Marsden State High/Formerly NC)- Qld 1 #6 last year. Bit off form but in CSS side
Light what's the situation with Joseph Swann? Saw him at National Champs last year and he was very good around the park. I have heard and read many different opinions concerning his absence from the BSHS 1st XV this year.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Yes I too have heard similar things but from what I have gathered it was a mental issue more than physical. Many claimed he was injured and whatnot but I think he just didn't have the desire or the coaches didn't think he was mentally ready to play at the start of the season. I know he spent a few games in the seconds playing with friends so perhaps he lost the enjoyment of rugby and has since gotten a kick up the ass from the school. Nonetheless, he is back playing 1st XV and it's good to see him back in good form. I think he will be a real bolter at the trials and I think the GPS 3 lifeline will suit him well, who doesn't love to be underdog. Rest assured everyone will know he's there so perhaps he will lift under the pressure.

I can't confirm that he wasn't injured but I do know he spent time playing seconds, perhaps recovery or something. Although that doesn't seem to make sense for a former Qld 2 player at a school that's so heavily into rugby. They would be forcing him to play 1st XV regardless I think, mental stability is another issue completely

I think Brandonk may have a better idea regarding State High issues, that's the best I can tell you from my extensive reading
Thanks for that. He might have left his return to the team abit late though. Considering from all accounts he didn't play against GT last weekend , leaving only the game agaisnt downlands to impress before selections this upcoming tuesday. However, I wish him the best of luck, his omission from any of the rep teams will be a loss.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
I think maybe so, but it will be near impossible for the selectors to ignore him. If he's playing rugby hes a chance, regardless of the team. With previous selection behind him I think it's worth throwing him a wildcard for GPS 3. As long as he's fit, he will keep up with the game and be a threat just due to his skill and power. I think the biggest loss is for State High, imagine a backrow of: 6 Browning, 7 Swann, 8 Maile. That would be undefeatable and perhaps why they have been rushing him back into the team the last few weeks. Will be very surprised if he's not playing against ACGS in the title decider
Yeah to true. They have struggled to get all 3 on the park this year. Which at times has seen them struggle to live up to the heights of the previous two years BSHS 1st XV's. However, saying that i think they'll get over Churchie with the return of Browning and possibly F'Sautia on the cards.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
6. Browning (Aus Schoolboys)
7. Swan (Qld 2)
8. Maile (U16 Qld 2010)
6. Gunn (Qld U16)
7. Mitchell
8. Oppenheimer
Backup: McMillan (Qld U16), Georgiou (Qld U16)

I'd give it to Churchie just based on the depth. Then again Sautia in the backline is a scary thought, Churchie's 12 (Polau) is a former BSHS boy who played OC for Qld U16 2010, so no doubt those two will be running at each other
Swann missed the frist 3 games through concussion, which he got at the nudgee trial game. but played seconds behind the coaches back
nope, he was suspended from school so coach didnt pick him, as he is a school teacher. hard on discipline around the school. but he played seconds.