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QLD GPS Representative Team - 2011

From memory they didnt get released till 9:30 or 10:30 last year, when they were supposed to be up around 7:30. Im sure as soon as it's decided tonight it will be posted


Bob Loudon (25)
Just heard from a mate, pretty controversial selections. Didn't get the whole team.


9. Gale (NC)
10. Brittain (NC)
11. Hunt (NC)
12. Tuttle (NC)
13. Soape (ACGS)
14. Elliot (TSS)
15. Bowen (IGS)

Grant Davies is on the GPS 2 bench.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
That's alot of NC. Big surprise is the demotion of Meehan for me. Davies was a little off so that could be expected, but from all reports Meehan was going strong.

Tipping some big shocks in the forward pack, expect a few ACGS if the backline is NC


personally surprised by the exclusion of greene (bgs) and the inclusion of hunt and gale (both NC). has hunt played fullback?
well i stand down i was wrong. davies and meehan have every right to be annoyed at the process, this leaves them little chance at a qld spot with the amount of game time and notice given to gps 3, unless they change the system to account for the more broader range of talent
Well i stand down, i was wrong..well done brittain. And well done the rest of the nc boys who took everyone by surprise. It happens every year, they are never has predicted for good or bad. Davies and Meehan to have every right to be filthy of the process, i understand its ashort season to scope the most talented but you wouldnt see genia and cooper being dropped from the wallabies after a few dodgy games at the reds.


Stan Wickham (3)
I am somewhat bemused by all this comment on the GPS 1 back line.......Unless i'm told differently the sides have not been released yet.

they havent been realsed publically, but people who are in the team know and people find out through texts and stuff

soo the teams havent formally been released but are already known