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QLD GPS Rugby 2015

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Cyril Towers (30)
16 A's flyhalf Roma Jnr Vaeau is rumoured to be starting for NC this weekend with the first 3 choices at flyhlaf injured (Moseley, Richman and Rangihuna). Tough one to start against TSS

The sage

Vay Wilson (31)
On the other hand I was very impressed with Croft. He's a smart running rugby (league) player. I think you control Croft you control Churchie. That said I think at the moment the best 10,12 & 13 combination is definitely TSS. I think they are ahead by a good bit and they are all rugby players (I think?).

The sage

Vay Wilson (31)
16 A's flyhalf Roma Jnr Vaeau is rumoured to be starting for NC this weekend with the first 3 choices at flyhlaf injured (Moseley, Richman and Rangihuna). Tough one to start against TSS
Getwithme, 9 minutes ago Report

Well there's only one day to start for him and that's today! Yes it is tough but an honour none-the-less.


Fred Wood (13)
16 A's flyhalf Roma Jnr Vaeau is rumoured to be starting for NC this weekend with the first 3 choices at flyhlaf injured (Moseley, Richman and Rangihuna). Tough one to start against TSS
Wrong roma will never play firsts ....lol.. if he does run there all day... if its like his BJRU days watch out Nudgee...

Murphys Law

Allen Oxlade (6)
While good ole friendly banter is good and keeps this thread fresh, Sage you really can't ask others if their opinion is objective and balanced when your opinions are not always also when it comes to Nudgee. Bottom line is they lost! And just like we couldn't use excuses when Nudgee thrashed BBC, you can't here. All teams are playing around with injuries and it's flu season and teams have been hit with sickness, affecting preparation. All of them. It's unfortunate, but you have to play with what you have. Your assessment on sua is comical at best, but if u are a Nudgee supporter, one can understand you wouldn't be a fan of his after last Saturday and while I only watched game on tape, which is never as good as in real time, I think 10+ tackle breaks makes him more than a Johnny on the spot. I have spoken to a few lads who have been tackled by him and their testament tends to differ from yours too. I do agree Croft is fantastic and their combination is top level together. And again, 'if' you are a Nudgee supporter, calling out churchie for exploiting the league recruiting excercise is also a little bit hypocritical. Last but not least, TSS do have a a great backline, are there 10, 12, 13 combo better, I actually hope your right, and I can't wait to see.

The sage

Vay Wilson (31)
I realise they lost Murphy's Law. I was there! They weren't meant to be excuses (I stated that), they were reasons why the performance was poor.

On Su'a are you kidding?? He scores a majority of his tries from passes made to him in the clear. A line break is a different matter, I was talking about his tries, not line breaks. Line breaks are fine, but points are better. I rate him competent which is what I would rate most of the better schoolboy rugby players. The way you guys talk about him it like he's won 2 World Cups!

To me a good rugby player is someone who plays premier grade, after having a good (competent) schoolboys career and maybe pick-up a few premierships. A very good rugby player does this plus plays regular NRC/Super 15 and probably wins a title. An excellent rugby player is one that regularly plays for Australia wins a World Cup and is the best in class. So my ability to be impressed by schoolboy rugby players is obviously not as great as yours. I keep it in perspective because it is what it is: schoolboy rugby.

It doesn't really matter if I'm a NC supporter, what has that got to do with it??

I also said that it was fine that Churchie exploit the rugby league talent, there is nothing wrong with that; was just questioned the real benefit to rugby long term.


Tony Shaw (54)
Now that's an interesting assessment. ACGS must have just had a lucky day then.

You really do think that's objective and balanced? Like ACGS really played little part in gaining a 20 point win over NC at their famous home fortress, that happening so often of course? The same NC team that Sage and others here were hailing from just one week before.

What would you estimate ACGS's territory and possession %-es for the 70 mins to be? Did they convincingly get across the gain line often?

Do "worst performances", knock ons, lost line outs, only arise from a top team like the invincible NC having an 'off day', thus only rarely because the opposition successfully applied relentless pressure and better skills?
RedsHappy, Monday at 7:25 PM Report

Well RedHappy, I think just about everything went there way. Couldn't of been more perfect for them. That's a little luck isn't it? I think Churchie was the better team on the day, but they had the rub of the "green": a yellow card in the first 8 minutes (very harsh), Gavin Luka, #5 & #10 off, a conversion given when the ball was clearly 2 metres outside the posts. Your are a greedy man if you want more than that.

NC did have their opportunities and on two occasions had scoring opportunities where normally they should have scored untouched, but that didn't happen. Two tries would have probably changed the momentum a wee bit. Possessions btw were 69-65 in favour of NC.

On your "worst performance" rant, well NC had the Australian Schoolboys prop out 20 minuted before the match, they had a reserve second rower whom probably weighed 75 kg and the 6-7 with the flu? Not an excuse but reality. You seem to think NC is invincible..no schoolboy team is invincible. And yes I think that it's a fair comment that NC had a bad day. I don't think the skill levels in general were on show at their full capacity as with many of these games (except possible the BBC v TSS & ACGS v TGS). So RedHappy need to focus on the facts a little more rather than an emotional rant on your new found moral high ground.

Haha Sage...I was wondering when we'd see you back after Churchie's crushing win over NC.

And I was expecting the flourish of excuses, explanations, subtle or otherwise Churchie put-downs, the league references, the vast NC injuries, 'just had a bad day', Su'a a bit overrated, the awful flu, the whole box and dice.

The point of my post re Churchie's win over NC was simple:

(a) IMO, it's less than good sportsmanship to not decently credit the winning team for their contribution to the win and the skill they showed in attaining it;

(b) just as importantly, and more objectively, very often in rugby a losing team starts making 'uncharacteristic' errors _because_ the opposition is playing well enough and tough enough to start forcing them into those errors and flaws and mistakes. Plans fall apart, normally calm players start to panic, 'a sense of the unfamiliar' takes over the team mind and concentration starts to frazzle, and so on. And thus the the dominant team gets more dominant, and the weaker team gets more error-prone, which is exactly what happened last Saturday at Ross Oval (and btw, overall, this is also exactly what happened to the Wallabies v ABs last Saturday after QC (Quade Cooper) was YC'd).

Finally, obviously the fact that Churchie have now well beaten NC no less than 3 times in a row and at Ross Oval all of 2011, 2013, 2015 is a mere statistical aberration, Churchie is just lucky enough to have found NC 'on a bad day' all these multiple matches, a kind of series of continuous flukes, quite extraordinary really.

I think the clear truth is that, Churchie's own multiple imperfections aside, they and their coaches have now consistently worked out to how to unseat NC, and tactically and in skills terms, outsmart them. Pretty much every time in recent years.

HJ Nelson

Trevor Allan (34)
Staff member
Teams for TSS v Nudgee


The sage

Vay Wilson (31)
I've been working away for most of the week RedsHappy, but thanks for your interest.

I said Churchie deserved to win, didn't I? I agree that Churchie caused NC into some of the errors. I'm not having a go at that, even in the slightest way.

Well on the sportsmanship level I didn't play in the match, so it's a little hard to call me a bad sportsman. And in all my time playing rugby (still play now) I have never been a bad sportsman, so that's a crap comment. And I have not discredited anything. Actually read what I have said, instead of attacking the situation you may be able to get what I'm saying. I was explaining the situation; and yes I do think that Churchie was lucky in terms of what unfolded during the day, but they still had to win the game. I realise that. I didn't say Nudgee gave them the game.

Well Churchie is the best rugby playing school in Qld and properly Australia then. They are so clever and smart and have been doing it for at least 4 years now. Good for you! Yes and NC has no doubt found Churchie on many a bad days and hence why they have 40 premierships, so what?? It's all in your heads guys. Envy problems, which I really don't care about.

Murphys Law

Allen Oxlade (6)
Oh Sage, without sounding sarcastic, I really do love your replies and perspective. I actually missed them this week so I am glad to see you got over Nudgee's loss and are back! There will always be reasons why a team loses, sprinkled with underlining excuses and we are all guilty of that. However, I didn't know we were comparing our schoolboy players to NRC/Super 15 players, or better still World cup winners?? I am confused. I referenced Sua's line breaks in response to you saying your preference was for your No12s breaking the line themselves. I think I recall him scoring against Nudgee by doing just that. The coast was far from clear. I'm not talking him up. I have seen a lot of him this year and have heard a lot more and I am impressed with what he has achieved as a teenage schoolboy in both codes so far, but again your right, he has not won 2 world cups so shame on him.

Anyway moving on and for my picks for this week:

TSS v NC. TSS by 10
ACGS v BBC. BBC by 3 (If I was officially in tipping comp, probably not)
GT v TGS. TGS by 10+

Happy to Chat

Nev Cottrell (35)
Good pick ML, I am in the comp and my predictions are very similar to yours and I hope we are right.
HTC # 1803
Early predictions for this weekend:
TSS vs NC @ TSS (TSS by 14+)
BBC vs ACGS @ ACGS (BBC by 7)
BSHS vs IGS @ BSHS ( in doubt but I'll go with BSHS by 7)
TGS vs GT @ GT ( TGS by 10+)

The sage

Vay Wilson (31)
I appreciate you to Murph'sLaw.

Well that why I called Su'a competent because he is a competent rugby player. He is not a notable rugby star, he's a schoolboy. And he's a schoolboy who is probably going to play league (which I don't have a problem with either jfyi).

Too funny :)


Bob Loudon (25)
GT XV this week - the same side as last week for the first time this season - will be a good tussle at Tennyson this week.

1 Oliver Macklin
2 Harry Birgin
3 Joshua Nasser
4 Jonathan Clough
5 Pat Carrigan
6 William Beirne
7 Harry Webster
8 Jack Lutvey
9 Reuben Wall
10 Isaac Lucas
11 Matt Forsyth
12 Joe Pozzi
13 Ed Burns
14 Will Eddie
15 Quillan Pritchard-Malaki


Ward Prentice (10)
My picks for the weekend:

TSS v NC. NC by 3
GT v TGS. TGS by 7

TSS by 10
BSHS by 5
Gt by 3

Not deciding on BBC v ACGS until I find out who(has got the (poison chalice) they have dragged out to play 12? Very sad for that under 16 boy to be injured in first match for firsts
Surely they will not move 10 Raroren to play 12(David v Goliath).


Bob Loudon (25)
TSS by 10
BSHS by 5
Gt by 3

Not deciding on BBC v ACGS until I find out who(has got the (poison chalice) they have dragged out to play 12? Very sad for that under 16 boy to be injured in first match for firsts
Surely they will not move 10 Raroren to play 12(David v Goliath).

Comon Digby have faith

I say BBC by 14+ ACGS to crash back to earth.

Could be 3 upsets this weekend BBC, NC and GT

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