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QLD GPS Rugby 2015

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Ted Fahey (11)
TSS by 10
BSHS by 5
Gt by 3

Not deciding on BBC v ACGS until I find out who(has got the (poison chalice) they have dragged out to play 12? Very sad for that under 16 boy to be injured in first match for firsts
Surely they will not move 10 Raroren to play 12(David v Goliath).

I don't have any intel from BBC mates, but don't be surprised if J. Farrell plays 12 for BBC. He would definitely contain Sua and would be handful on the burst as well


Herbert Moran (7)
Fullback Jake Mason is out for the season after breaking his shoulder last week against Nudgee. Halfback Matty Oberholzer is in a moonboot this week after injuring his ankle in the first ten minutes of the Nudgee game. 16A halfback Isaac Tarabay is replacing him after a bold performance coming off the bench. 2XV centre Sam Whiley will move into wing.

ACGS 1XV (22/08):
1. Angus Wagner
2. Jacob Williams
3. Joel Kuchel
4. Harry Hockings
5. Ashley Whitehead
6. Henry Sharp
7. James MacMillan
8. Sam Wallis
9. Isaac Tarabay
10. Brodie Croft (C)
11. Sam Whiley
12. Jaydn Su'a
13. Tristan Stanghon
14. Matthew Barakat
15. Joel Papa

Corne Uyc

Chris McKivat (8)
Nudgee are down at the moment and not a good time to be facing TSS. 10 is there biggest concern. 12 needs to step up after last week too. Clearly outplayed by Sua but never really looked like wanting to take up the challenge. I reckon TSS will take it by 10.
If Churchie stay on the front foot as they did last week, BBC will struggle to keep up.
Should be a top game at Tennyson. TGS by a smidge


Colin Windon (37)
I think he is a competent rugby player, however all his moves come on the back of Croft who positions him well. He seems to score a lot of his try's from breaks other have made rather then him breaking the line himself and scoring. I prefer the #12's to be able to break the line themselves rather than be "Johnny's joggin on the spot"... I rate him competent which is what I would rate most of the better schoolboy rugby players.

Sage, we all value your opinions on the forum but I really think you've missed the mark in under-selling the value of Su'a.

I dispute your claim that he can't break the line himself, because he's done it so frequently in each of the three Churchie matches I've seen this season (Terrace, State High, Nudgee)

I've never seen Nudgee miss as many tackles as they did last weekend in my entire life, and the vast majority of them came from missing him. I marked in my notes that Hewat was the only player who could bring him to ground in the second half.

He has certainly scored most of his tries from excellent support play, but I'd argue he creates that space for the others by attracting the attention of the defence - do you think Croft would break the line as often as he does if defenders weren't shitting themselves dealing with the threat of Su'a outside him?

Su'a footwork through contact is perfect to the millimetre - he literally could not work his frame into a better position when he hits the line.

Once he's in that position he's powerful enough to shake off would-be tacklers, breaking the line or offloading. Once he's through, he's fast enough to burn defenders and can link with others around him in traffic.

He's a one man wrecking crew, and to deny him that must be sour grapes. He was immense v Nudgee.

My tips for the weekend

Toowoomba at Terrace

Too good, looking forward to Lucas v Stewart.

Nudgee at Southport(Game of the Round)

Nudgee have had some success down the coast in recent years, and last time was an absolute thriller. With their season on the line I expect Nudgee to throw everything they have at Southport, but the beach boys will have down their homework. I can guarantee they've spent hours pouring over last weeks tape. They'll come out on top in a close one.

Ipswich at State High

Toss of a coin game here. I think Ipswich have the right players to get them over the line.

Churchie at BBC (I'll be watching online)

Will BBC step up, or fold?

My money's is on the latter, by three tries.

Su'a and Croft to score a try apiece


Colin Windon (37)
Anybody else having troubled watching the ACGS v BBC livestream?

EDIT: CHurchie have greened their livestream.

TSS v NC are on the ball here:


Tony Shaw (54)
BBC ball control and forwards play excellent, low error rate, ACGS more or less the opposite, and very mistake prone, playing way less well than last week.


Colin Windon (37)
Kalala and TJ Meni combined four minutes in for a try in the corner, converted.

TSS halfback Jordan Lenac fended his opposite into another dimension on a trademark scoot, opening up the line for inside centre Noah Lolesio (?) to score on 15 minutes.

Hewat carried TSS' entire right wing of defenders over with him at 18:30.

Hewat was in again in the 26th minute, dummying off a defender and powering through the gap to extend the lead to 19-7 at halftime.

Tyler Campbell wriggles through the line to reduce the deficit, 19-14.

Nudgee kick a penalty, 22-14.

Gavin Luka is in for Nudgee - that "torn meniscus" musn't be travelling too badly

Nudgee's counter-attacking machine strikes again - they soaked up multiple phases of pressure on their goal-line, before turning it over and swinging it wide. Great support play to score a team try - Brendan Malala finishes, 29-14.

Gavin Luka yellow carded for shoulder charge on goalline. Tipene Mavoa picks and drives over, 29-19, conversion unsuccessful.

Nudgee pilfer 30 out from TSS line - easy pickings for a penalty that should seal the upset - AND HE'S MISSED. The rookie 10 chokes the kick

Emry Pere goes beastmode for TSS, busting through the middle -but that is fulltime.
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