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QLD GPS Rugby 2015

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Herbert Moran (7)
RedsHappy said "AhHmmm. There were many poor refs calls today, but, importantly, I think neither team got many more worse ones than the other to be fair. It was random and evenly distributed.

Just to balance out the ledger"

There are a number of games that I have witnesses or watched were the referees has been, well, sub-standard. I do understand the games are quick but.. Even on Saturday (NC v TSS) it seemed the "square-up" was on early, after NC dominated the first half. A 15-6 penalty count against NC, with 5 of them when they had the ball, which is tough love. The marginal decisions seemed to go against NC, when similar TSS "potential" infringements were not pulled up. The penalties made up for the poor lineouts for TSS where the throwing was not good.

Also watched BSHS v IGS where some of the referee decisions were also poor. The decision to sent-off a player after a tackle, (even though potential backchat was not heard over the ref's microphone), must of been disappointing for IGS fans.
Let's clarify the send off. The player in question had already been given 10 for a high tackle. When he came back on the field he did a spear tackle. He was about to get a yellow card when the red realised that player had already been sent off once in the game. The ref had no choice but to give the player a red card.

The sage

Vay Wilson (31)
Fair call then bear. Not wanting to support bad play, but the second tackle was a little soft. Even though there was a hint of lifting, the tackled player still had one leg on the ground (from memory). Looked like a good ol fashion driving tackle.


Colin Windon (37)
RedsHappy said "AhHmmm....

Sage, there is a reply button in the bottom right corner of each post, which allows you to quote. Please begin to use it - it'll save your time and energy, and will be easier for us to digest in reading it.

Good to hear Richman returned - I wasn't aware, and didn't recognise him on the live stream.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
@TheKing, I think some browsers don't have a functioning "reply" button depending on which browser version you have on what operating system.

Some posters have previously reported issues getting "reply" to work with Internet Explorer (can't recall the version) on Windows 7.

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Nev Cottrell (35)
Yeah I kinda liked Richman at the GPS trials, he came on towards the end for GPS 1 and I thought he was a pretty handy #10, has a good boot on him too. I would of had him in one of the 2 Qld teams. Best # 10 at the trials IMO.

The sage

Vay Wilson (31)
Yeah mine doesn't work. Happy he probably would of had a shot, but injured his shoulder before the State trials, therefore wasn't considered.

The other shoulder was injured in the TGS game and this was his first game back (So glad he was there).

Happy to Chat

Nev Cottrell (35)
Early Predictions for this week:
GT vs BBC @ Terrace - BBC by 7 (may be a close one)
BSHS vs NC @ State High - NC by 10+
ACGS vs TSS @ Churchie - TSS by 7+
BGS vs IGS @ BGS - IGS by 10


Ted Fahey (11)
Speaking to a few Terrace Lads this week - they are fired up to roll BBC.

It's been close the last couple of years and there has always been something between these two schools.

I also understand there are a couple back from injury for BBC.

Veritable tinder box this Saturday. Think I'll be heading to "Stade De Cashed Up Catho" this weekend. Hopefully there is room in the Corporate Box for me....


Chris McKivat (8)
BBC players back from injury won't make any difference unless they are match fit. I can see a possible upset at Tennyson. Last Saturday against Churchie, BBC players ran out of legs towards last 10 min of the game

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Billy Sheehan (19)
BBC players back from injury won't make any difference unless they are match fit. I can see a possible upset at Tennyson. Last Saturday against Churchie, BBC players ran out of legs towards last 10 min of the game

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100% correct sir.
Some big games at Tennyson on Saturday:
-11As both undefeated;
-13As play to see who finishes 3rd( 40 points behind 2nd);
-14 As are both undefeated;
1sts xv-- will GT win and have a year better than some predicted . Will BBC win and have average year or lose and have a disastrous year.
In any event GT look strong for next year.

The Guru

Fred Wood (13)
My Dear Mr Genia
As for BBC v GT this weekend
Do not forget the 16A match and the bad blood that still exists from 2 years ago in 14As when :
-BBC became the first school to beat that team;
-there were a number of complaints from both schools about OTT supporters.

Will the fact that a number of boys play together at Wests dilute this?No-the parents will carry their own agenda.


Cyril Towers (30)
My Dear Mr Genia
As for BBC v GT this weekend
Do not forget the 16A match and the bad blood that still exists from 2 years ago in 14As when :
-BBC became the first school to beat that team;
-there were a number of complaints from both schools about OTT supporters.

Will the fact that a number of boys play together at Wests dilute this?No-the parents will carry their own agenda.

both BBC and GT have lost key players since then. Isaac Henry playing firsts while others a few have left from BBC?

Don't GT have like 9 boys in the firsts aswell???


Jim Clark (26)

The sage

Vay Wilson (31)
A perfect day with firm conditions and a large crowd were present at The Southport School (TSS) old boy’s day as they greeted Nudgee College (NC) on the Gold Coast. They were there to witness a must win game for NC, to keep their premiership hopes alive, and for the home team to see whether they could continue the undefeated run to another stand alone premiership, the first since 2007.

The TSS team was mostly unchanged from last week and NC was welcoming back Gavin Luka (knee) at #3 and Liam Richman (shoulder) starting at #10.

First half

Nudgee dictated most of the first half with a wonderful display of ball control and retention to build possession and pressure on TSS; with Southport relegated to do the majority of the defending. There were numerous attacking runs from most their forwards and some wonderful incisive running from the sleek backs.

It was after a penalty in the 5th minute and a lineout midway between the 10m and 22m that NC made some decisive inroads towards the TSS line. Nudgee moved the ball from one side to the other and back again and after 10 completed phases Kalala Meni (#6) made a move to the inside of the TSS #14 causing him to leave his wing and with a simple pass allowed Willie Malala (#11) to score out wide untouched. Liam Richman (#10) converted a difficult kick to make the score 7-0 to NC.

Nudgee controlled the next 10 minutes of the match camped in the TSS half. It wasn’t until a elusive, determined run by TSS’s Carl Gooch (#11) pushed deep into the NC half. Several rucks later Jordan Lenac (#9) ran the ball to the centre of the field, straightened, fended his opposite number drew the fullback and passed to Noah Lolesio (#12) to score 10m from the posts on the left hand side of the field. The conversion was successful by Hayden Sargeant (#14) and we were locked up at 7 all after 18 minutes.

From the kickoff Nudgee were able to take control of the ball and four phases later, attacking the left hand flank, Reece Hewat (#8) was able to shrug off some would be high tackles to barge his way over. The conversion was successful by Richman (#10) and the score was 14-7 to Nudgee.

Nudgee controlled the rest of the half. Even when TSS were able to get out of there half, errand lineout throwing (three in a row) immediately took the pressure off NC and they were able to sustain some hard running into the TSS defense. A decisive run by Willie Malala (#11) pushed NC deep into the TSS danger zone. Attacking the left-hand corridor again a wide pass from Jack Smith (#9) to Reece Hewat (#8) where he was able to shimmy, run between the TSS centres and score his second try of the afternoon. The conversion was unsuccessful and left a score line of 19-7 to Nudgee.

Half Time NC 19 TSS 7

TSS was not able to retain possession as fluently as Nudgee. Dropped ball and poor line outs enabled Nudgee to nullify any advance from an impressive TSS #9, 10, 12 & 13 combinations. It was becoming obvious that Nudgee was targeting the left hand side of the field and there plan had paid handsome dividends with 3 pokey pies! If the fortunes of TSS did not pick up in the second half I’m afraid it could be like Custer’s last stand for them. Nudgee hadn’t been beaten this year with such a commanding lead at half time and there was a feeling in the air that this one may have slipped from TSS’s grasp already. Or has it?

Second half

The second half started well for TSS with an error for Nudgee (kick-off out on the full) and this gave TSS the potential momentum change. From the scrum, subsequent penalty and lineout they were able to gain the traction they were looking for. They rucked the ball inside the NC 22m and a half break from Tipene Mavoa (#6) who offloaded to Emry Pere (#8) who was tackled 10m out. A well directed pass found Tyler Campbell (#10) who aimed between the defenders, broke the tackles and dragged the Nudgee #9 over the line for a well deserved try! The conversion was successful by Hayden Sargeant (#14) and after 4 minutes it was 19-14. GAME ON!

However the TSS lineout again let them down and when Jack Smith (#9) took the “over-thrown” ball and scooted passed to Kalala Meni (#6) for a 20m run the subsequent infringement at the break-down allowed Liam Richman (#10) to land a penalty 26m out to take the score to 22-14 in favour of NC in the 8th minute.

TSS had to be the next to score. From the kick-off TSS were able to gain some more attacking control. A good step and 20m run from Dylan Riley (#13) and the combination of Angus Allen (#7) with two good pick n drives and Emery Pere (#8) TSS were all of a sudden 15m out and in a great position to score. A penalty ensued and again Riley was starting to inject himself into the play, however the Nudgee defense was equal to the task and were actually making their defense an offensive tool with driving tackles.

The defensive pressure led to a poor pass, a dropped ball, which was scooped up by Semisi Topou (#13) flicked to TJ Meni (#14) whom took the tackle. Jack Smith (#9) seeing TSS was short on the right gave it to Sam Armstrong (#15) who ran 60m in a fast but effortless run which eluded the defense to offload to Semisi Topou (#13) to score under the posts. The conversion from Richman (#13) was successful and NC led 29-14 after 13 minutes.

There was a hush over the ground. Nudgee had controlled the game on their terms to date and you never felt that TSS was going to threaten or were they? TSS pressed on and aided by infringements were able to perform probably the cleanest backline movement of the game with a draw n pass sequence that landed Sargeant (#14) , 15m out. Not only was it a wonderful movement of some 50m but also landed Gavin Luka (#3) a yellow card (no arms in a tackle). Now for those points!

The fourth penalty midway into the 22m was the decisive one. TSS took a scrum and five rucks later Tipene Movoa (#6) was OVER! with a good pick n drive. The conversion was unsuccessful leaving the score at 29-19 to NC. TSS wanted to play the game down Nudgee’s end, however ball retention from Nudgee allowed them to enter the TSS 22m on several occasions. It was only infringements that kept TSS out of their half and sometimes only briefly. A penalty to Nudgee in the 30th minute gave them the opportunity to seal the match; the kick was about 29m out 10m to the left of the posts. Liam Richman comes in, oh it’s just out to the right and dead.

After the restart the game again went into a pattern of where NC controlled possession and spent a majority of time inside The TSS half. There was a fleeting moment where Lenac (#9) spotted a hole and ran to the NC 22m but the play broke down after the ruck with a knock-on. The last 4 minutes belonged to TSS with a number of penalties in their favour and with the weight of possession that were finally able to tell on a tired Nudgee defense. A penalty taken, was given to Mavoa (#6) who popped the ball to Emry Pere (#8) who beat two tackles (running 20m) to score. The conversion was successful.

Full Time: NC 29- TSS 26

The wrap-up

Nudgee controlled the game from the outset. They dominated the lineout with Tom Zappala (#7) and Reece Hewat (#8) taking two each against the throw and the TSS lineout never really getting off the ground (at least 5 ill directed throws). Both scrums were solid with the return of Gavin Luka (#3) assisting NC in this regard.

The back row for Nudgee set the platform for the game with their tackling, runs and line breaks. The break-down was fairly even with two apiece. In the backs it was much a much closer affair with both sets of backs making some good run and dynamic vision shown at times. Both had their opportunities and individual brilliance was on show.

In the end, Nudgee always kept one step ahead of TSS and ground out a well deserved win.

The players

#1 Dechlan Day tackled, supported all day as did #2 Finn McElroy. The #6 Tipene Mavoa never gave up, tackled, ran well, good at the break-down. The #7 Angus Allen had a really good game, best on field for TSS, a captains knock. #8 Pere, had some good runs and line breaks, but needs to lift his work rate. Lenac #9 well made decisions and vision, if the forwards had more ball control and go forward he would be an even bigger danger. #10 Campbell a classy fly half, can smell a play a mile away. #11 Carl Gooch well there not much of this kid, but if determination was the prize he would get it; sparked TSS into action when he could & #13 Riley some great running and defense, needs more ball!

#3 Gavin Luka had a good game; scrimmaged low, hard and well, ran hard and tackled well. #6 Kalala Meni, my Man of the Match and BP award; after a quite week or two, back to his best. Ran hard n well, line breaks, never gave an inch #7 Tom Zappala controlled the lineout, few good runs and tackled well #8 Reece Hewat well he’s Reece Hewat need I say more. Another wonderful captains "knock". The wins enough reward for him. #10 Richman had a good first game back added form to the backline; #12 Tony Hunt. If Richman added the form, then Tony added the starch, best game for a while close to man of the match. Had a job controlling some very good opposition and did it with style. #11 Willie Malala, #13 Semisi Tupou, #14 TJ Meni & #15 Sam Armstrong: well they all just having fun. They make rugby worth watching, nice lines, good in defence, elusive.

The sage

Vay Wilson (31)
This weekend will, I think, be the first wet weekend. Therefore maybe the forward packs need to "sussed" out for the winners of the week? Also the scoring and wins may be closer than expected. I like the number 3, so here are some of my tips for the week.

I think TSS v Churchie game will be a nail-biter. Churchie have the forwards, whilst I think the backs are quite even, maybe TSS by a bee prong. If the work rate of the TSS forwards can lift just a little and they get some line-out going then I'm TSS by 3.

TSS still have two must win games; this one and the one at TGS in the last round.

The other game of interest is GT v BBC. Think GT will put it to BBC, however BBC may just have the flair to win. BBC by 3.

The last game of interest is the battle of the grammars: BGS and IGS. Was really disappointed with IGS performance against BSHS last week, not too much substance there, and I have been backing them most of the year (obviously I am the kiss of death for them!). So ok IGS, I'm going for BGS, see what you can do! BGS had the week off and have some good aspects of play, therefore BGS by 3.


Ted Fahey (11)
Terrace V BBC
This is the grudge match of the round. It always goes down to the wire and this one will have just a cigarette paper in it for sure. But the best bit will be the inter-parent sledging on the sidelines. It always ends in a verbal UFC fight at same stage, in one game or another.
If I’m honest BBC have been unlucky this year they’ve come very close to TSS and Churchie and a different option taken here or there and they are near the top of the table. Terrace on the other hand seem to be building nicely and are always well drilled, and they lift for BBC.
If BBC hold their nerve here they win. If Terrace get under their skin then BBC lose.
The parent biffo will end in a draw.
BBC by 5
Churchie v Southport
Southport will be angrier than a glow-meshed meter maid in a never ending loading zone with a bag full of twenty cent coins after last week. Churchie will still be wondering how they won that game against BBC last week. A bit like a Churchie mum trying to remember how she got home from the last bridge lunch.
Anyway that chestnut cracked - this will be a great game. And if Churchie hold onto the ball for longer than 4 seconds in the first half they should win. But the coasties won’t be easy to roll. I’m tipping the Churchie the lads to be cooling their heals on the bye next week after a loss.
TSS by 9
State High V Nudgee
State High will be in this right up until the ref blows his whistle. It will be close in the warm up and the run on will be tight as well - even the handshaking will be neck and neck, but after that it’ll be "fat lady singing" meets a game of "all over red rover".
Nudgee by 20
Brisbane Grammar V Ipswich Grammar
This will be a mind blowing, cracker jack of a match-up. Excitement plus meets Ray Warren on speed.
Ok that’s the chess fixture out of the way.
The rugby will be a tad less entertaining.
The bacon and egg burgers will be the highlight - get there early.
IGS by 10
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