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QLD GPS Rugby 2015

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HJ Nelson

Trevor Allan (34)
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Nudgee controlled the next 10 minutes of the match camped in the TSS half. It wasn’t until a elusive, determined run by TSS’s Hayden Sargeant (#11) pushed deep into the NC half. Several rucks later Jordan Lenac (#9) ran the ball to the centre of the field, straightened, fended his opposite number drew the fullback and passed to Noah Lolesio (#12) to score 10m from the posts on the left hand side of the field. The conversion was successful by Carl Gooch (#14) and we were locked up at 7 all after 18 minutes.

Great report.
The program had it wrong. Hayden Sargeant was #14, and Carl Gooch was #11. ie. Sargeant kicked the goals.


Herbert Moran (7)

Churchie 1XV for 29/08:

After a number of outside backs being out in the last two weeks, the ACGS side is back to full force for this season determining match against TSS, with the only player remaining injured being halfback Matty Oberholzer.

1. Angus Wagner
2. Jacob Williams
3. Joel Kuchel
4. Ash Whitehead
5. Harry Hockings
6. Henry Sharp
7. James MacMillan
8. Sam Wallis
9. Isaac Tarabay
10. Brodie Croft
11. Joel Papa
12. Jaydn Su'A
13. Tristian Stanghon
14. Fraser Suffren
15. Jake Mason

Neville Magee

Stan Wickham (3)
The players

#1 Dechlan Day tackled, supported all day as did #2 Finn McElroy. The #6 Tipene Mavoa never gave up, tackled, ran well, good at the break-down. The #7 Angus Allen had a really good game, best on field for TSS, a captains knock. #8 Pere, had some good runs and line breaks, but needs to lift his work rate. Lenac #9 well made decisions and vision, if the forwards had more ball control and go forward he would be an even bigger danger. #10 Campbell a classy fly half, can smell a play a mile away. #11 Sargeant well there not much of this kid, but if determination was the prize he would get it; sparked TSS into action when he could & #13 Riley some great running and defense, needs more ball!

#3 Gavin Luka had a good game; scrimmaged low, hard and well, ran hard and tackled well. #6 Kalala Meni, my Man of the Match and BP award; after a quite week or two, back to his best. Ran hard n well, line breaks, never gave an inch #7 Tom Zappala controlled the lineout, few good runs and tackled well #8 Reece Hewat well he’s Reece Hewat need I say more. Another wonderful captains "knock". The wins enough reward for him. #10 Richman had a good first game back added form to the backline; #12 Tony Hunt. If Richman added the form, then Tony added the starch, best game for a while close to man of the match. Had a job controlling some very good opposition and did it with style. #11 Willie Malala, #13 Semisi Tupou, #14 TJ Meni & #15 Sam Armstrong: well they all just having fun. They make rugby worth watching, nice lines, good in defence, elusive.

Wonderful match report! Sneaking in behind and around all of these very impressive players was the #9 for Nudgee, Jack Smith. He played well above his body weight and kept TSS on the backfoot with either incisive running or quick service. For my money, he shared MoM honours with #8.


Herbert Moran (7)

Churchie Rugby Trailer for TSS game (Unfortunately won't work on mobiles for those on their phones)


Billy Sheehan (19)
"But the best bit will be the inter-parent sledging on the sidelines. It always ends in a verbal UFC fight at same stage, in one game or another."

You are right again.I think the actions on sidelines of the undefeated 14A teams will be fun to watch-some vocal parents on both teams.
Ps-why is the medical profession so loud-?plenty of them at both GT/BBC/


Ron Walden (29)
It looks set to be an entertaining match - lets talk about that without trying to stimulate other entertainment!!!!


Herbert Moran (7)
HT ACGS 12 leads TSS 5

ACGS completely dominating the first half at East Brisbane.

The Croft show is up and running as per.


Colin Windon (37)
GT lead BBC 10-8 at HT per Twitter

TGS lead Downlands 14-0 per Twitter.

Btw, shame on you Churchie staff for not sorting out your bloody livestreams. They have forgotten to post the event AGAIN. If you're not going to bother uploading it, please don't share the link on social channels because people plan their days around that kind of information.

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