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QLD Premier Rugby 2015

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Chris McKivat (8)
Great job by the Magpies.

That is officially my last nice comment about you monochromatic tools until at least next Sunday night.

The Tiger Army shirts have been ordered and will turn Ballymore into a Sea of Blue.


Sydney Middleton (9)
Good article on the talented Filth flyhalf Greene in today's Sunday Mail. They are touting him as a potential alternative to the Reds' planned signing of a "marquee" overseas flyhalf. Dalgleish from Uni also rates a mention.

In my opinion Greene could handle the step up.

Excellent promotion for grassroots Rugby.

Sorry I can't find the article online to post a link.


Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Fritz, don't worry, there are plenty of Magpies supporters in Brisbane. Ballymore was full of them today. The result of the last week was kindly reminded to all Brothers supporters today at Ballymore.


Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Premier Grade: Easts v Souths
Premier Reserve: Bond v Brothers
Premier Colts: University v Sunnybank
1st Grade: Brothers v Souths
2nd Grade: Souths v University
3rd Grade: Souths v University
4th Grade: Easts v University
Colts 1: University v Sunnybank
Colts 2: Brothers v University


Bill Watson (15)
FilthRugby do you know something I don't. I think 1st grade is Brothers v University.

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Bill Watson (15)
What a big year for University. Hopefully two Magpie teams can rain on their parade.

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Peter Burge (5)
Women : Wests v Sunnybank
Looks like uni need to go on a big player recruitment drive, maybe throw a bit of coin around only 6 teams in the final ouch must hurt.


Jim Clark (26)
What a big year for University. Hopefully two Magpie teams can rain on their parade.

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Only 3 points off having a team in every mens & colts Grand Final, that would have been an incredible achievement. The boys were devastated last night (both Prems and Reggies). Poor Sham will never give away a penalty like that again, the big kid is only 17 (possibly recently 18).... he will live and learn. A little inexperience shown by UQ at times. Souths played well and I think they'll take the title next week. I have a feeling the Heavies will be very hard to beat next year.

Good luck to all the teams in the finals! I think Prem, Reserve and 1st grade will all be cracking close finals. The Hill will be worth the price of admission alone on Sunday afternoon.... 2 large supporter bases going head to head!!


Herbert Moran (7)
Can Souths run take em all the way to the Holy land? the heart says yes but the head says the Easts machine is too clinical and fresh not to win and take the spoils. Stuff it, 32 - 27 to Souths, good luck to all teams this weekend.


Bob Loudon (25)
Looking forward to the final on Sunday. Easts are promoting to their juniors to come along and form a big tunnel for the players to run onto the field, hope Souths are doing the same. Free entry for kids and both clubs have good junior sections so hopefully we see a good crowd - I think there will be plenty of Easts support and I'm looking forward to seeing Souths in action as they have really made a strong late run in the competition.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
I have no doubt Souths will be pushing it through their juniors as well. I reckon this crowd will push the 2013 GF btw Easts and GPS.

So close to 9000, which should be fantastic.

Can anyone recall who played the Prem Colts and Prem Reserve Grade GFs in 2013?


Nev Cottrell (35)
I think 2015 will be seen as the kick in the pants that the guys down at Yoku Rd needed as obviously it was very disappointing with only three teams making the finals and none featuring in the grand finals as mentioned above.

GPS have been so strong in nearly every grade from Prem Reserves downwards (and obviously Prem Grade had good chances lately) that there was a sense of complacency at times down at the club. Combine that with several important players leaving and the club was always going to be on the back foot this year.

I don't think there will be any rash decisions made in the off-season (ie coaches getting sacked or another player exodus) but I would expect the club to have a different mindset after this year and hopefully bounce back.
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