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QLD Premier Rugby 2015

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Teh Other Dave

Alan Cameron (40)
Easts chasing the game from here, they just aren't pulling it together today. Souths ferocious and accurate at the breakdown, Easts have had two disastrous line-outs against the throw, and Souths backs look so dangerous.




Great job by the QRU to stream the GF matches on YouTube, good quality streaming and topped off by good commentating from Reg for the QPR GF.. It's a shame it isn't on FTA, but this would have to be the next best thing.


Tony Shaw (54)
Geez Souths looked an exceptionally well-coached side in virtually every aspect of play. Their forwards-to-backs ensemble play was outstanding, as, btw, was their place kicking.

The QRU could do a lot worse than look to their HC for future higher honours.

And RTC Van the Man as Souths' Forwards Coach, great to see him back at Ballymore. He did a fine job clearly, Souths' excellent forwards work (in all off technique, intensity and low mistake rate) was a huge contributor to the win (as ever).


Bill Watson (15)
One very happy Magpie here in the early hours of Sunday morning in Burgos, Spain. I really missed TT over the last week. I hope he comes back on to sum up the 2015 season. Congratulations to all the players who represented Souths Premier grade throughout the season and to the hard working coaching and support staff. At a pre-season lunch, Brett Picone said just watch this team develop and how true was that. You made an old Magpie feel very young again. Thanks and A Magpie for me forever!!!!!!!

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Tim Horan (67)
Agree RedsHappy, just got home from game, hell Easts were never in it. Very impressive and well deserved win to Souths I thought.


Jim Lenehan (48)
If there's ever a moment to justify the term #AnyGivenSunday

Norths only win of the year came against the eventual Champs Souths Rugby. It happened on a Tuesday night back in Round 3!

Congratulations to the Magpies on a Steven Bradburyesque season. I don't want to say that the Tigers didn't have any luck of the bounce of the ball today (Easts were owned)

Souths finished their games against Brothers and the Heavies was truly reminded me of how Bradbury won Australias first gold medal in 2002 Winter Olympics (Luck was on their side) A lucky escape against the Filth and a Lucky bounce of the ball against the Heavies improbably put them into the Grand Final with the best team of the year Easts Tigers.

Today Magpies were a class above the Tigers and deserved that win.

Enjoy the night Magpies down at Chipsy Wood!

convenient wisdom

Allen Oxlade (6)
Congratulations souths. 4 weeks of sudden death footy. Well played, and we expect to see plenty more from some of you in the NRC games upcoming.....................

thanks to all the clubs, players, coaches and volunteer helpers for a most enjoyable season.

Cant wait for 2016. I love club footy, lifts my depression about the reds.


Bob Loudon (25)
Well done Souths, completely one sided first half - totally caught me by surprise, I thought Souths would be dangerous but at least expected Easts to be in the game to the end, instead we were 4 tries down at half time. Plenty of Souths players looked the goods but to me their 7 and 11 stood out for capitalising on every error and turning it into something good. Congratulations, a great turn out at Ballymore today.

Teh Other Dave

Alan Cameron (40)
Personally sad that Easts never looked in this match today.

But I'd love for our representative teams to watch Souths today. They did exactly what any coach would want out of their players, for the reasons already mentioned here and more. I was especially inpressed with their breakdown, and the body height and angles run by the players with ball in hand as well as those in support. 1999 vintage stuff.


Chris McKivat (8)
Congratulations to all you Magpie stalwarts, a comprehensive victory. Tigers will be licking their wounds over the off season and be back for more sultanas next season.
Great spectacle though to see two large groups of Amateur Rugby supporters and credit to both clubs on their efforts.


Bob Loudon (25)
Checked the score at halftime at work..proceeded to cry.

Souths sound like they just dominated. Credit to them.

Souths just did everything right - pounced on every mistake/dropped ball, stole lineouts and very quickly were up the other end of the field. Easts defence, especially on the far side of the field in the first half was caught napping. I was in the Northern Stand (behind Souths try line in the 1st half) so only had an end on view but they seemed to go left at every opportunity and with good support and smart passing really made metres every time. They looked very good, and Easts seemed to make a lot of handling errors, probably due to Souths pressure, and lineout overthrows didn't help. Poor option taking too - 3 on one overlap near the tryline and the ball carrier goes himself and loses the ball - coach must have been despairing - we certainly were.


Herbert Moran (7)
A very un-Easts-like performance on the weekend, but the Tigers should be proud of a sustained period of success at the club. Souths were just too good. I think their somewhat unstructured play flustered Easts and did not allow them to suffocate Souths how they have normally done to opposition teams this year.

I know Chris Feauai-Sautia got MOM honours but seriously, the Souths front row and back row were amazing and deserve some credit for holding their own and setting a great platform for their team against one the premier front row and backrow combinations in the QPR competition.
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