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Qld Premier Rugby 2022


John Hipwell (52)
I wonder how long the Zander at tight head experiment will last, he doesn't look at all comfortable there and I'm not sure it's getting any better. At this stage I'll be surprised if UQ keep it up into the finals.

I wonder whether it’s the doing of Heenan, Thorn or simply Zander trying to show his versatility


Simon Poidevin (60)
I wonder whether it’s the doing of Heenan, Thorn or simply Zander trying to show his versatility
Hard to say, I assumed it came from Thorn as it started around the time Fotuaika looked like he was gone, but with Uni having Aedo Kailea there it's in their interests to get them both on field too. I'm guessing it doesn't happen without Reds agreement at least, given Zander is contracted.

Edit: Fa'agase is with uni isn't he? If fit I would've thought he'd be playing. If they're carrying a bunch of injuries at tight head that could explain it.

The Nomad

Bob Davidson (42)
So Wests, Bond and UQ pick up bonus point wins

Easts pick up 2 points for scoring 4 tries and losing by less than 7.

GPS no points.

So ladder
1. Wests 55pts
2. UQ 48pts
3. Brothers 46pts
4. Bond 43 pts ( ahead on PD )
5. GPS 43 pts
6. Easts 42 pts

cracking season!

Edit : Shorted Easts by 2 pts , now corrected , it’s bloody close!
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Simon Poidevin (60)
Penalised for being too short?
Honestly, pretty close to it - was ruled as off his feet at the ruck and it looked like he was just low and hard at the ball. Easts were going a bit feral at the ruck at that point though so they can't count themselves too hard done by.


Stan Wickham (3)
Parking at Sylvan Road is a nightmare on any playing day let alone a finals. GPS not much better. Trust the clubs will have a "plan" to appease the locals, the police, players and spectators alike!! Prelims @ Bond Uni - seriously?
Agree - sending clubs to the Gold Coast is ridiculous for a Brisbane based competition. It's far away, they have almost no local supporters that can walk to the game like all Brisbane clubs located within residential suburbs (Bond games are always the worst attended), the environment has no atmosphere (so the tv product will be poor) and doesn't serve any other particular purpose. QRU really keep shooting themselves in the foot running premier rugby - the clubs could do a better job and should probably do what Sydney did and form a body to operate club rugby as a separate entity and not under the QRU's control at all - a commercial organisation that was focused on club rugby can do so much better with the Brisbane club competition. Club rugby for QRU is an after thought at best and certainly not their priority, and the QRU just doesn't have the commercial or technical expertise to execute the club competition properly and that prevents club rugby reaching its true potential ....which is currently greater than super rugby imo


John Hipwell (52)
I go back to my previous point - how is travelling to the coast such a hard thing to do?? They are part of the competition so it shouldn’t matter. God forbid teams have to do it twice in a year… ffs get over it

Yeh but we aren’t necessarily talking about travelling to play Bond themselves, that is fine. I don’t think people complaining about travel is out of line. If the competition was based on the Gold Coast and teams were asked to travel to Brisbane it would be the same discussion.

If you had the option to travel 20mins for a game or 1hr 20mins, you’d choose the closer option.

It is what it is though and teams will figure it out. But yeh I don’t think teams/players/supporters who want to complain is that bad, especially if they’re having to travel for say a Brothers v Wests game.


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
I thought it was Queensland Premier Rugby, not Brisbane Premier Rugby.

I don't think it's that controversial that 1 finals day is held at Bond, they've done their hard work over the years and deserve the right, they've invested in the facilities down there and brought premier rugby back from extinction on the Gold Coast. As for this 'arduous travel', is it really that bad? It's barely an hour away for the majority of Brisbane, half of Brisbane makes that trip every other weekend as it is.

It shouldn't just be Wests, Brothers and GPS granted the right to host finals matches, and evidently the clubs think so as they've voted that way.