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Qld Premier Rugby 2022


David Codey (61)
Yellow card for Fa'agase but no penalty try. Will this mean uncontested?

Edit: No, Zander back to tight head and Davies on


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Ref just guessing. Collapsing instantly. Could be anyone.

Seriously. This is incredible referring. Instant collapses but it's either a Wests penalty or a reset. Yeah right.

Not refereeing each scrum on it's merits.


Stirling Mortlock (74)
I’m not convinced a penalty try was deserved but ever penalty seemed fair. Zander and Sef were collapsing repeatedly
On the hit? Why was the referee resetting some and gifting instant penalties when the collapsed was on the hit.

Juan Cote

Syd Malcolm (24)
watch the last 15 odd mins of the match before extra time. . In a different context of a game where the attacking team is leading the outcome would be totally different and after a couple of scrum resets and penalties a penalty try would have resulted. The ref did not apply the laws objectively.

The Whisperer

Jimmy Flynn (14)
So what other outcome was there if Skelton hadn’t have knocked on?
Well one penalty was for dropping to knees, another was angle, then a couple of resets so can’t really argue with the Refs call.
Had he not knocked it on they would’ve scored a push over try anyway