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Qld Premier Rugby 2022

The Whisperer

Larry Dwyer (12)
So what other outcome was there if Skelton hadn’t have knocked on?
Well one penalty was for dropping to knees, another was angle, then a couple of resets so can’t really argue with the Refs call.
Had he not knocked it on they would’ve scored a push over try anyway


Sydney Middleton (9)
Go GPS. They've just named Bobby Tuttle, Josh Collins and Teti Tela in the side as late changes. Michael Richards 200th Club game and Chris Kuridrani 100th, good on them. Keen for this game!


Desmond Connor (43)
Nice additions.., what happen to Josh Collins tho? thought he did his other foot and was done for the year. Miraculous recovery.

Bobby’s going to be a difference maker today. Big plus


Jim Lenehan (48)
Geez Brothers getting a lot of chances in the red zone and not shown a card, one of their players blatantly coming from the side of the maul and then the same player tackles a potential try scorer in the next play.

Brothers class players should see them through here, they generally look better.


Jim Lenehan (48)
What a joke - three more penalties in the red zone and they only get a warning?? Sheesh.

Hoopert’s killing the ball on quick play was cynical as well.


Jim Lenehan (48)
GPS were in it longer than I thought. The forwards had control for that last 20mins.

Congrats to Brothers - tough one next week against UQ.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
I’m getting strong vibes that Jock will be back in the Wallaby squad. He’s the only specialist fullback left standing isn’t he? And playing well. Will be in a blow for UQ.


Stan Wickham (3)
great finals series to far - brothers vs UQ will be a cracker. The UQ scrum got smashed again vs Wests (lucky not to give away penalty try at the death). Surely that's an area Brothers will focus on. Brothers look vulnerable out wide though.

Bumble B

Stan Wickham (3)
Exactly what finals should be about. Drama on drama. Great to see the turn out at both GPS and Wests today. Club rugby is certainly alive and well. Congrats to the teams progressing. Exciting couple of weeks to look forward to.


I’m not convinced a penalty try was deserved but ever penalty seemed fair. Zander and Sef were collapsing repeatedly
The first 3 collapses had the referee on UQ LH side.
The wests LH against Sef had his elbow pointing to the ground (pulling down)

Neither the referee saw it or was the AR capable of noticing it and providing the ref with the right advice.

Smart play by the wests LHP because once the ref came to look he changed his bind and the scrum progressed but by then there was built up frustration against UQ.