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Rebels vs Force - Friday 26 May 2023

Wallaby Man

Trevor Allan (34)
For the record both the Rebels and Reds also travelled overseas 4 times this year. Reds the only team to play in 4 different countries.

Rebels - Chiefs, Moana, Drua, Highlanders
Reds - Highlanders, Chiefs, Moana (Samoa), Drua

Obviously for the Force the travel is a burden, there is no way around it because of tyranny of distance. But equally it’s a benefit at home, especially when it’s turned into the destination of choice for teams to send their B team, which always helps for the wins column.

I’m actually looking forward to the reverse schedule next year (if that happens) as the Rebels would have Highlanders, Moana and Drua all at home.


Tim Horan (67)
Glorious night. Finally a season's worth of bit-part efforts came together. I've sat through more than a decade of cold Friday losses so the odd peach of a performance is all the sweeter.

Rugby's good!
Pleased for you Tex, I love it when people who do the yards get the pay off in a result etc!! It's people like you who keep the game going!


Tim Horan (67)
I missed game last night, got up this morning and a replay was just getting towards end of game. So without seeing whole lot as yet (I will, even here in NZ I tend to catch most games) I will just say a couple of things.
1 Not really surprised as I have said repeatedly I reckon this Rebels team has the makings of a good one.
2 I reckon with a couple of additions and how that Carter Gordon is progressing they won't be a team far from top 4 contention next year
3 they stuffed me up I had them in my picks , but as one of closest games for weekend. :mad:

Members Section

John Thornett (49)
That was f***ing awesome!!!!!

Bumped into Leota & asked him if was a chance of next week said prob not & was hoping to get a few club games in not sure yet if Shute shield or hospital cup.

Cant wait for friday now where Carter is going to absolutely give Noah a bath! ...... & beat him at rugby

Misunderstood fan

Jimmy Flynn (14)
Rebels looked good last night. A perfect 100 game celebration for Hodge. Gordon is a bloody smart player. Rebels are going to be dangerous next year.


Alex Ross (28)
Kiribige is one of the best wings out there. I hope we keep him next year.
Mataele can break defences.
Pulu is solid but not going to score the types of tries Mataele or Kiribige can.
Kibirige can’t tackle for shit. Great in attack but a turnstile in defence


Bill Watson (15)
Kibirige can’t tackle for shit. Great in attack but a turnstile in defence
Mate I can’t like this post enough. I don’t think I’ve seen someone so out of position in defence. As much that 1 of the forwards has to defend out there to cover his ass.


Nicholas Shehadie (39)

What a bloody great night! After many disappointments this season this game gave us rusted-ons much to smile about! I know it was only a regular season match but the post-game atmosphere and mood was that of a premiership win.


Geoff Shaw (53)
But the Rebels lost games. They don’t deserve to finish 6th because they didn’t win many games.
I mean, there is a measure of how a team goes through the season. The Rebels bench is poor and has lost them games. That is a part of the game and hence they don’t deserve to be higher on the ladder.
They did, I think what the commentary was getting at is the Rebels played attacking rugby and have the 4th most points in the comp. Have a better points difference then the other teams competing for 8th place.


John Eales (66)
Just finished watching. Finally Rebels clicked.

Uelese is so tantalising but his throwing makes him impossible to be picked. There were a lot of line outs and a few weren’t j’ai problem but 6 of his 17 throws were picked off or not straight. Should rule him out of Wallabies right now. Though the scrum with him & Philip was impossible to stop. Those two tries, the first pushover try and the 2nd where the scrum went up field by 30m and Anderson scored in the corner were a prop’s dream. The back row for the force were very disappointing, including Naisarani & Antsee on the bench. Wilkin & Hardwick made Tizzano look like a kid. I think every Rebels forward bar Talakai got a pilfer.

‘Nuff said about Gordon, freak. The Force were really off their night, they made Monty look good, think he busted 6 tackles. Even Louwrens made 3 linebreaks and 110 run metres.

Ripley was disappointing, I have high hopes for him but was outclassed by Spink and dropped a few balls cold. Hopefully we decide to invest and keep giving him the needed game time.


Arch Winning (36)
The challenge for the Rebels is always in compiling a squad with enough depth. 2024 could well be a challenge in that sense; you bring in Tupou, Lukhan, Lancaster yet you lose Philip, Hodge, Hosea, Hardwick & likely more. Bucking the trend for 12 months and getting that sort of quality injection of players but retaining our best would be incredible.


Vay Wilson (31)
They did, I think what the commentary was getting at is the Rebels played attacking rugby and have the 4th most points in the comp. Have a better points difference then the other teams competing for 8th place.
They didn’t have a better points differential going into the match though.

mum sorry I just don’t buy the Rebels being better than their position suggests. They are there for a reason.


John Eales (66)
I also really liked the ref, called penalty advantage over after the Rebels had only advanced 15-20m which is sensible, most refs would’ve called it back.

also didn’t automatically give the Rebels the penalty for absolutely demolishing the force scrum, don’t agree that just because you’re pedalling backwards have you broken the rules


Peter Sullivan (51)
last night was an abberation in the sense that for possibly the first time this year the Rebels didnt choose wrong options or make errors in execution when"excited", they had composure for really the whole game. but for a few very dumb pieces of play throughout the year they would have been about 6 on tha ladder, but they are where they are. next year ? "its the hope that kills you"