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Rebels vs Force - Friday 26 May 2023


Chilla Wilson (44)
Have finally had the chance to watch the game. Top effort by the Rebs. Lacklustre performance by the WF with most players showing zero sense of the occasion and opportunity being presented. Generally the team looked passive and disinterested. By my own count the WF squared 3 of the 10 minute segments and lost 5 - which easily explains the big loss. IMO only Spinks, Stweart and Pearce can hold their heads high. The backs got very little quality ball. We missed Medrano and Robertson (2 Test players) and our lack of depth (in tight 5) really showed. I hope we can recruit well in the off season. In reality we haven't been good enough to make the 8. I'm still looking forward to the game at home against the Chiefs next week.