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Reds v Brumbies


Peter Johnson (47)
No footies allowed anymore, my youngest son lost a ball to security at Ballymore at the trial game against the Chiefs. Some new safety rule apparently. Had to leave it at the gate which was all closed up by the time we left. They were even knocking back small foam balls that couldn’t possibly be an issue.

Wow! Thats nuts. Us death-defying Brumbies supporters have signed soft footies throw at us and in to the crowd post games.

Somebody should let the genius behind that rule know that as they have made it abundantly clear balls are a danger, if a ball kicked into touch hits you, you will sue for millions as they failed to prevent it! ;)


Arch Winning (36)
Yep, it's 35 & about a million% humidity out my way.....

Going sans kids now - the missus thinks it'll be too hot for them


Andrew Slack (58)
Brumbies locks - firstly drop the ball in front of the sticks (Arnold) then Carter misses his lift on Arnold to give the reds a chance


Andrew Slack (58)
Hegarty has been doing his kicking training, Brumbies skipped their line-outs

This game is going downhill as the players cook in this hear