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Reds v Sharks, Rnd 5 2020, Lang Park Sat 29 7:15 EDST


Michael Lynagh (62)
Game over - sorry reds you have been dominated and out played - back to drawing board as lineout been shaky, scrum dominated and completly smashed at the breakdown and by sharks rush defence


Michael Lynagh (62)
Score line really reflecting how sharks always been threatening - the complete dominance sharks had at breakdown is very disconcerting


Michael Lynagh (62)
Reds don't even look like they are trying now. Thorn will be filthy.

I think all reds and oz rugby fans will be pretty filthy at this performance - reds just not anywhere near sharks tonight

Sunwolves game - it was the Sunwolves and we always knew hard to use that to gauge how reds travelling.

Rebels tuned it around this week so reds can do it too but the utter dominance by the sharks very disconcerting as reds never really looked in the same league

Dark Shark

Alex Ross (28)
Thinking that JOC (James O'Connor) coming off changed momentum but Reds were not helping themselves before that especially with pressure on lineout. But then every thing definitely went pear shaped when McDermott came off.


Tim Horan (67)
The ref "thank fuck for that. No-one suggest looking at anything. Game over."

Sharks with a little extra exercise for their trip home.


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Well, at least the Reds played through till the end and gave the Reds fans some positives to walk away with..

But they were pretty dire for large chunks of the match


George Smith (75)
Staff member
That last maul was all kinds of wrong. Guy goes to ground, gets up and re-binds into players in front of him, then others swim up past him in the maul, then semi-detach creating an obstruction. Kudos to the Reds for keeping on keeping on after the siren, but that last little passage of play was a little comical. Bit of a reality check in the scrum but they'll be better for it - plenty of talent and potential in there so no need to panic. Sharks are very solid, gotta say. Reds can take some positives too.


Peter Johnson (47)
I started skeptical. BUT hte boys want to play rugby. What's wrong with that?

Nothing, except where was that urgency/passion in the rest of the half? or maybe it was the spectre of the flogging from Thorn that finally spurred them on :)