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John Eales (66)
Well Facebook has finally taken down the tyrant of the GAGR facebook page (along with all other Aus media). Not great timing with our season launch, Channel 9 is down as is Rugby.com.au. There goes a lot of publicity.

Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)
A year later and this forum is a goddamn boring ghost town.

tl/dr everyone has buggered off.

Even @Gagger himself seems to have only managed about 3 posts in the last 3 years.


Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)
I reckon a mass email by Site Admin dispatched to the entire GAGR Members List might be the go. Get the lax pricks back in the mix.

Here is a generic template.

Dear Valued GAGR Forii Member.

What the fuck are you doing? You can't just sign up to https://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/community/then bugger off for weeks and weeks and months and months on end leaving us all in the fucken lurch.

Selfish, that's what it is.

Just fucken selfish.

Your mother and I are very disappointed in your behaviour.

Therefore, we have decided you have until **SUNDOWN** to report BACK to GAGR to entertain us. Failure to comply will leave us with little recourse other than to report to your house to confiscate your ENTIRE collection of octopus bukkake grot mags.

Thank you for your cooperation in this most pressing matter.


-The https://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/community/management team.


Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)
This section of the GAGR forii has 189 pages...... and yet from page 9 all the threads are locked.


We only have 9 pages of threads left to interact with. We are like the last remaining neolithic peoples huddled in the Ice Age cave awaiting extinction

Is this cruel, cruel curtailment upon our rugby-centred discourse to prevent some idiot bumping, say, the Auckland Blues vs Orange Free State match day thread from 2008 with a LOL emoji?

I think it might be you know.