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Rugby World Cup 2019

The torpedo

Peter Fenwicke (45)
anyone got a rough take on most likely final groupings? asking for a friend. ps just putting finishing touches on Official IRB website. psp doesnt have to be actually entirely accurate. might still biff a Laos etc in there

Pool A:
Europe 1 (Romania)
Playoff winner (Tonga)

Pool B:
New Zealand
South Africa
Africa 1 (Going bold and saying Kenya)
Repechage winner (Staying bold and saying ze Germans)

Pool C:
Americas 1 (USA)
Oceania 2 (Samoa)

Pool D:
Oceania 1 (Fiji)
Americas 2 (Canada)

My picks for remaining teams in pools in red

Dr W.F.T Blundershart III

Paul McLean (56)
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At least 15 years ago now.


waiopehu oldboy

Jason Little (69)
Tonga 30-26 Samoa to draw level with them on combined points in the Pacific Nations Cup 2016 & 2017.

Series leaders Fiji host Tonga next week then travel to Apia on July 15.

Current points:

Fiji 8 (played 2 matches)
Samoa 5 (3)
Tonga 5 (3)

Winner qualifies as Oceania 1 & for Pool D with Australia & Wales, runner-up as Oceania 2 & for the "Pool of Death" with England, France, and Argentina.



Simon Poidevin (60)
USA confirmed as Americas 1 qualifier:


They'll be in Pool C with England, France, Argentina & Oceania 2. Canada can still qualify for Pool D with Australia, Wales, Georgia & Oceania 1 as Americas 2 by beating whoever ends up being the best side (other than Argentina) from the Central & South American qualifying process.

Bit of a double edged sword for the Eagles. Bragging rights for the win but placed in a very hard pool opposed to whoever qualifies for the Americas 2 spot.

waiopehu oldboy

Jason Little (69)
All Blacks games:

All Blacks v South Africa, Sep 21, 6.45pm
All Blacks v Repechage Winner, Oct 2, 7.15pm
All Blacks v Africa 1, Oct 6, 1.45pm
All Blacks v Italy, October 12, 1.45pm

Omar Comin'

Chilla Wilson (44)
I saw some of the first match played in Canada. Uruguay have definitely improved a lot since the last world cup. Much improved conditioning and ability in attack.

Canada will be favourites but no certainties to qualify through the repechage. Russia or Spain would be a chance against them (I'm assuming whichever one is Europe 2 will lose the playoff against Samoa).


Paul McLean (56)
Canada missing the World Cup may be the kick up the bum they need IMO.

Is the post-playoffs repechage a pool format in a neutral Country this time? I read that somewhere, but can't find confirmation one way or another. I would hope so, it's a much fairer format than the two (or heaven forbid) one-legged playoffs they've done in the past.

waiopehu oldboy

Jason Little (69)
^^^^^^^^^ according to the infallible Wiki.....

"Following the end of each regional qualification process, four teams will take part in the Repechage process for the final spot at the Rugby World Cup. Unlike previous Repechages, the four teams will play in a Round-robin tournament, where all teams will play each other once, rather than a semi-final, final."

Like you, I think that's the best & fairest format although I guess there's something to be said for the drama of sudden-death.