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RWC: AUS v ENG (Twickenham): POOL A; 6am (AEDT) Sunday 4 October

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Greg Davis (50)
Cheika and the team's media strategy is unnerving in its professionalism.

You just know he'll have them punching holes in granite by Saturday while still blithely smiling at the Orc press and giving hollow platitudes to their inept choke against the Boyos.


Tony Shaw (54)
Yes, the Poms are starting to sound more than a little desperate (as well they should) but they way the respective camps are handling the build up to this match is advantage Australia by a mile.

Mr Doug

Dick Tooth (41)
Why the Wallabies will thrash England
Chris Rattue

"The bookies have England as favourites but they are calculating with a hole in the head because England have a bolt through the neck. They are the Frankenstein of world rugby, a scientific experiment with an ugly result. Their creators have just enough rugby understanding to put something together with excruciating detail, but not enough to make it work."


I think it was one of Cardiffblue's posts, further back on this thread, that contained several photos of the English team. One photo showed several forwards, which caused me to question as to whether their "look" was due to jerseys that were two sizes too small, or from a course of Anabolic Steroids! Maybe before they run on, they should all be checked for 'testicular atrophy' (shrinkage of the testicles)!

Brumby Runner

Jason Little (69)
going to miss this game live. 3pm NY time Saturday and taking MRS BR to Jersey Boys on Broadway. Isn't life just so full of awkward moments.


Phil Kearns (64)
going to miss this game live. 3pm NY time Saturday and taking MRS BR to Jersey Boys on Broadway. Isn't life just so full of awkward moments.

If we win you can watch the replay - if we lose you will have missed out on a couple of hours of pain.


Nathan Sharpe (72)
The hubris is starting to get to me, lads.

I have faith in the team to get the job done, but this is rugby and nothing is certain.

A couple of shit scrums and we're fucked there as far as Poite is concerned, and our lineout is not the powerhouse it used to be - Parling is a good operator and Simmons will need to have his shit together to get the ascendancy.

We get the basics right, and trust our defence, and we'll get there. I don't care if we win 3-0 except it will give England a bonus point. So then, I'm happy to win 8-0.

Personally I hope we fucking smash them out of the World Cup 50-3 so that they can all sit around crying over videos of Martin Johnson TWELVE FUCKING YEARS AGO.
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