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RWC Final - New Zealand v South Africa 29/10/23, 0800 NZDT

Who wins & after how long?

  • New Zealand

    Votes: 19 52.8%
  • South Africa

    Votes: 15 41.7%
  • 80 minutes

    Votes: 18 50.0%
  • Extra Time (2 x 10 minutes)

    Votes: 1 2.8%
  • Sudden Death Extra Time (max. 10 minutes)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Penalty Kick Shootout (max. five kickers per team)

    Votes: 2 5.6%

  • Total voters


Jimmy Flynn (14)
I'm not an ABs fan but I'm pulling for them now. Barnes & the TMO having a stinker. Makes me irrationally angry.

First yellow isn't a yellow. They didn't upgrade it (lol) because he just fell on the leg. Why was he off in the first instance then. Openly admitted he got a penalty which they kicked three from wrong. Red speaks for itself. Total madness.

Barnes has spent 16 years rehabilitating his reputation in the eyes of the Kiwis. Only to bugger all that up today.

waiopehu oldboy

Stirling Mortlock (74)
When Cane gets cleared at the judiciary I may just lose my shit wrt TMO's in general & Foley in particular. Has ruined what could & should have been a classic.

In my book we're owed two 50/50 calls.


Jim Lenehan (48)
Just needlessly rushing things there. Be interesting to see how Nche goes in the scrum without Mbonambi though.


Jim Lenehan (48)
Has Beauden actually fielded any high kicks tonight? Surely getting deep into McKenzie nuclear option territory...