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RWC: Pool C - Wallabies v Georgia, SdF Sunday 10th September 2am

Sir Arthur Higgins

Alan Cameron (40)
Let’s just finish this without any major injuries and move on.
Forward pack exceptional bar a couple recen line outs but I blame replacement hooker more.
Back line hasn’t fired consistently


Bill Watson (15)
Koro at 13 on defense has been not great, which shouldn't be surprising.

And without Arnold/Porecki the lineout has gone to hell


Steve Williams (59)
That last passage sums it up. Mixed bag. Not brilliant but it's a win.
Georgia phase defence was actually first class. They will upset Wales i rekon


Steve Williams (59)
Australia pretty lucky to get that many points. The line-out in the second half has been fucked and the tactics are all over the place.

Still some really good performances from Tupou, Skelton, Hooper, Nawaqanitawase and (fuck me) Donaldson.
We bombed a lot of oppertunites. I would say unlucky to not have a lot more points.

Sir Arthur Higgins

Alan Cameron (40)
Win is a win but patchy performance
Given subs / injuries I won’t be too hard on second half line out.
Inside backs were poor I would say
Outside backs did a great job.
Onto wales.
I think wales if they lose to us are a high chance of also losing to Georgia and fiji


Steve Williams (59)
Everyone is saying we have the easiest pool. I think it's one of the toughest for the teams in the pool. They are all at similar skill levels. I honestly think Georgia can upset Wales and probably Fiji, which would mean they could go through and everyone but Portugal have a chance.


Tim Horan (67)
Have to look for highlights,is it worth it? So much bloody rugby to watch I having to miss some games. Bloody WC, NPC etc a man has only so much time, and I off to NPC game shortly!