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RWC: Pool C - Wallabies v Georgia, SdF Sunday 10th September 2am


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Skelton was huge in this game, took more pilfers than we have been getting from our opensides since pocock retired.

He is getting better and better every game and has the potential to take this tournament by storm. Having no locks on the bench is just stupid though and hopefully not a regular move from Eddie, same as a bench player who only covers one position (Suli)
Eddies been getting the starting team mostly right but my god I think the bench selections and time of replacements are awful.
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Mark Ella (57)
My thoughts:-

A good win for the Wobblies, but they need to play better.

Georgia kicked the ball away too often in the first half.

The Georgian numbers 9 and 11 were penalty magnets.

Marika was as good as ever.

Marky Mark (Nawaqanitawase) was very good; very good under the high ball, a try, a try-saving tackle, etc.

Donaldson kicked well, scored 2 tries, and was MotM.

Thor was good, and I appreciate his honesty.

Skelton had a good game.

Luke Pearce had a good game.
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