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RWC: Pool C - Wallabies v Georgia, SdF Sunday 10th September 2am


George Gregan (70)
I get what you’re saying but there is nothing wrong with people having different opinions.

Yes, yes. Even those who are demonstrably wrong deserve a moment of our time, I suppose...

Absolutely we should debate based on our opinions. Some facts would be nice. Justification, even?

It is perhaps too much to ask, on the occasion of difference, that all parties involved turned up to the gun fight with something other than a plastic teaspoon?
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Peter Johnson (47)
My two cents:
1. If i was to rate the wallabies performance id say maybe B-/ C+. Georgia arent terrible and at no point did we really ever look at risk of losing so that's good. That said there was still cause for concern moving forward.
2. The wallabies once again came out firing on all cylinders and then just kinda got lost as the game goes on. At times i couldnt work out what the game plan was other than "kick aimlessly". Way too much good attacking ball squandered and way to many kicks that did nothing but give the ball back to the opposition in good field position. The better sides will punish that rubbish.
3. I though most of the team played pretty well save for a few. Nick white's service was glacial speed. Tate is be a big loss if he's not fit for next week. Faessler absolutey shit the bed.

Beer on the hill

Ward Prentice (10)
Lot of chat about keeping our powder dry, I hope this is what was happening because the one out bashing up we served up this morning won't cut it against the best teams, and maybe not even against Fijii next week...

Jones has talked constantly about 'not copying the kiwis' and playing what's in front but they seemed pretty structured to me: wave after wave of big ball carriers trying to generate quick ruck ball. How many phases involved more than 2 passes?

Accurate contestables are a nice addition though, with Nawaqanitawase outstanding in chase.
Marky Mark (Nawaqanitawase) was on again


Darby Loudon (17)
I’ll add it was nice to see Donaldson have a good game after so many people (myself included) shitting on his selection. Good for him
BDA. Obviously everyone has their favourites, based on how they view the game and that is fine. I think where forums like this lose me is when anonymous punters personally put professional players down, who are just doing their best and don’t pick themselves. The amount of tripe on here makes me laugh but I back a professional coach over mug punters every day of the week. Me included. I‘m now heavily invested in wanting this side to play well and will be cheering for them all the way.


Mark Ella (57)
That 'only' thing is huge. The close games are usually decided by goal kicking. If he is able to maintain that kicking accuracy I can't see how he could be dropped. I admit that Kellaway is better on attack and probably defence but we wont advance very far without an accurate goal kicker.

I 100% agree. Goal kicking is so important.

I do wish Georgia tested Donaldson under the high ball. That part of his game is an unknown for me and I’m concerned about it.


Peter Sullivan (51)
A win to start the World Cup is what was required and the team delivered. Some good patches and as some have said the heat was definitely a factor and also may have dictated game plan. I think Eddie will change personnel each match to use full squad depending on the opponents. Man of the match Donaldson, first game in some time, could find himself in the 10 position next week with Kellaway into 15 and Gordon to the bench? I wouldn’t rule it out, as Eddie definitely has a few more curve balls to come, but do know it will be a game by game situation based on the strengths of the opposition.
yes i was thinking the same that by the 1/4’s ILF and Donaldson could be the 1/2 pairing

Mr Pilfer

Bob Loudon (25)
Skelton was huge in this game, took more pilfers than we have been getting from our opensides since pocock retired.

He is getting better and better every game and has the potential to take this tournament by storm. Having no locks on the bench is just stupid though and hopefully not a regular move from Eddie, same as a bench player who only covers one position (Suli)


Peter Johnson (47)
With big men ready to hit the line in the centres, and big wingers ready to hit hard at his hip, and a flyhallf who can stand and play in traffic, I want a flat 10. There is always the option to retreat deep, doing the opposite with a naturally deep 10 is more problematic.

It is far from the only way to manipulate defensive patterns, but on the whole it does not negate the alternatives and gives a lot more potential. keep the deep setup for the set piece or nominated set plays.

Oh I get it. But the great thing about this game is that there isn't just one way to play, so I find the binary good/bad that sometimes goes on with people rather silly. It's also like people think players are just setting up in certain patterns and or positioning on a whim.


Chilla Wilson (44)
Let’s see how we go for the remainder of the tournament then.
A LOT will need to improve.
HW, I don't think anyone will disagree with this one. I, for one never expected us to get beyond the qtr finals and at one stage I was concerned about getting out of the pool. Let's take it as it comes, to my mind their structure is looking far better than it did in the previous 5 games.
The exception is Gordon standing so far back which limits our attack.