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Sevens 2021/22 (World Series, Oceania, Comm Games & R7WC)

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Simon Poidevin (60)
It is an absolute travesty that the Aussie women's team do not get more recognition in Australia. They are a global brand of high performers getting more media attention from other countries than they get here. There is no better group of ambassadors for women's sport in Australia, who while dominating on the world stage present themselves as a modest close knit well behaved team. You would think a promoters dream. My most sincere congratulations to the team, coaches and support staff.
They did get a fair bit of coverage coming back with the commonwealth gold, but that may have been off the back of both 7 and 9 having an interest in seeing them promoted. Hopefully they'll get some good press on their return this time too

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John Thornett (49)
Just watched the full game of the final, Levi seriously could get her manager to ring Marinos/Gil McLachlan/Peter v'Landys tomorrow & say show me the money I can be the face of your womens game, she is that good! tall enough/athletic enough/skilled enough/looks & personality enough to be the face of the sport. RA PAY HER NOW!!!!!
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