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Sevens 2021/22 (World Series, Oceania, Comm Games & R7WC)

waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
Men's SF:

NZ 17-10 Ireland
Fiji 38-14 Australia

Bronze Final:

Ireland 19-14 Australia


Australia 17-7 USA
NZ 38-7 France


France 29-7 USA

waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
Penalty count now 8-2 against Aus.

Saili scores well into overtime. NZ need conversion to force Extra Time but it's missed.

Gold Medal Australia.

waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
NZ pull one back 5-12.

Fiji strike back immediately 17-5 approaching HT...

...but still enough time for Fiji to get another HT 24-5.

waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
Fijian binned as the first one comes back.

Now it's 6-on-6 but Fiji will get their man back a minute before NZ.

Two minutes left. Fiji back to 7.

waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
Turning point of the women's Final definitely Williams getting binned & it was unnecessary to do what she did. Great effort to nearly force ET but Australia deserved winners, their second-half D was immense & although they conceded a heap of penalties never did anything dumb enough to get carded.

NZ Men were frankly never in it & that's just the way it goes against Fiji: they score early, its party time & no-one can keep up with them. Gotta keep them scoreless for as long as possible & force them to do dumb shit (way easier said than done, of course).


Colin Windon (37)
I’m no marketing expert, but I think the South Africans should’ve offered Australia a few rand to call up Nic White. Wouldn’t have been an empty seat in the house.
And well done Aussie women and Fijian men for the wins


Ted Fahey (11)
It is an absolute travesty that the Aussie women's team do not get more recognition in Australia. They are a global brand of high performers getting more media attention from other countries than they get here. There is no better group of ambassadors for women's sport in Australia, who while dominating on the world stage present themselves as a modest close knit well behaved team. You would think a promoters dream. My most sincere congratulations to the team, coaches and support staff.