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Shute Shield 2016

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the coach

Bob Davidson (42)
I notice Alofa Alofa is named in Randwick's 2nd grade side for the weekend.
How is he eligible?

He first played (off the bench) in round 14 so although I think he's only played 3 games I believe he was injured after round 16 so I assume that means he's "played" the required 4 games. He doesn't have a current S15 contract as far as I know so is able to played 1st OR 2nd grade.

Is this correct HJ?

the coach

Bob Davidson (42)
So, if he's started in 2's in one game, & played 1's in the other 3,how could he possibly qualify to play 2's???????

No, as per my post above, he's played twice in 2nds and twice in 1sts. I believe the comp rules say a player is eligible to play in the grade he's played the majority of the last 7 rounds or grades above that. Not sure how they decide in this case, but there's always the special dispensation provision.

I like to watch

David Codey (61)
My bad, I assumed you meant off the bench for 1's not 2's.
No doubt, they say he was selected in 2's last week and was injured, so, a hypothetical 3 out of 5 in 2's.
Which is not unreasonable.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
The Rat's Hillbillies take over Uni #2

Simmo Green

Frank Row (1)
Angry,sweeping generalisations ,obviously posted by someone with their nose out of joint because of their personal experience at Wests which didn't go to their liking.
Such comments say more about the writer than the people & club which he lambasts.

My 'personal experiences' at Wests are limited to those of a visitor, but sounds like you had some unhappy campers. Looks like the season says more about the accuracy of my observations than your sense of indignation


Trevor Allan (34)
I couldn't give a shit if Carter does great speeches after the game and is great clubman.
His behaviour at the end of the game started a 30 man pushing and shoving session that was a blight on rugby on free to air TV. Pushing a try scorer in the back of the head is a low act.
I'm convinced he's just a poor human as opposed to 'competitive'.

I will be at NSO next giving to him in creative and entertaining ways..
such as..
"Carter...you're a fuckwit'...
Carter... Get a dog up ya!
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