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Shute Shield 2019

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Does anyone have a link to view weekly team lists and comp ladders?


Nev Cottrell (35)
Fuck me. Cant find scores anywhere apart from norths hammering the rats and the game on channel 7 with easts belting uni.
Anyone know scores?


Peter Burge (5)
It wouldn't be Mack Mason over Uni without his forwards obtaining good ball! The forward pack was strong, with huge games from Charlie Gamble & Sam Shires!

The Beaties forwards dominated the breakdown from where I was sitting. I do think Mason deserves some credit for some of the clever kick-passes to his wingers which I think accounted for a try on either side of the field.


Jim Clark (26)
The Easts forwards were superb at the breakdown, was a great contest. Gamble looked like pinching the ball every breakdown. I was a bit worried about them after the first 20 or so as Uni pack was dominating the scrum. I thought the Uni replacements failed to give them the usual boost when they came on, they lost a lot when Sherratt came off. Great to be at a busy ground, my 5 year old loved it and asked if we can go to see Easts next week.

The Honey Badger

Jim Lenehan (48)
Uni overplayed their hand with the scrum.

They should have kicked penalty or into the corner for a lineout.

Repeat scrum sets for a penalty try only works if the ref wants to give it. And I don't think that ref wanted to give Uni anything.

Easts prop got carded, and the replacement who came on could actually scrum. Uni lost the advantage they had.

I think Easts 9 & 10 both had blinders and took control of the game.
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